The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1999

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1999 – Hannah became anxious once she heard Wendy say that she was willing to go as a mistress for Charlie.

She blurted out, “Wendy! Are you out of your mind? It’s not good for you to be a mistress to anyone, you have to be a mistress to that kind of hangman, how is he worthy of you?”

Wendy sighed and quietly said, “Mom, now I really think that Charlie is actually quite a good person, handsome, responsible, and a good person, much better than Gerald.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Hannah glared at her and said offhandedly, “Just Charlie is that kind of stinky hangman, he’s not even worthy of lifting your shoes!”

Wendy said with a bitter smile, “What have I been doing myself for almost a year now? I was the phoenix that soared into the sky before, falling in a straight line to now even worse than a village free-range chicken.”

Said Wendy, her entire body has been unable to control her sobbing: “Mom, look at me now, my reputation is completely ruined, how can there be any man willing to take a second look at me…”

Hannah saw Wendy’s face filled with tears and hugged her head in a heartbreaking manner, comforting her, “Good daughter, we can’t think like that, you know? What’s a reputation? What’s more important than living well?”

Saying that, Hannah said, “Besides, you haven’t been with many men at all, Gerald is one, Kenneth Wilson is one, Jeffrey Weaver is one, and that adds up to three men, doesn’t it? You’re in your twenties. You’ve been with three men. What’s that? How many girls have slept with more guys than you before they even graduated from college, and they’re not afraid of having their reputations ruined?”

Wendy cried and shook her head, “Mom, that’s different, it’s not the same, dating in college, it’s a closed little society, it’s okay to make and build whatever you want for four years, as soon as you graduate, who else knows?”

“But I’m different, when I was with Brother Gerald, who in all of Aurous Hill didn’t know?”

“Later with Kenneth Wilson, it was also known all over town!”

“I’ve had a bad reputation ever since, and everyone knows I’m with a man who’s older than my father, so who can look up to me?”

“Not to mention the fact that it was later treated as merchandise by Kenneth Wilson and given directly to Jeffrey, a matter that no one in Aurous Hill even knows about…”

Hannah was filled with pain and choked, “Good daughter, I don’t blame you for this, I blame mom, your father and your grandmother! If it wasn’t for us seeing money, we wouldn’t be able to say anything to push you into the fire…”

Saying that, she raised her hand and slapped herself in the face, saying angrily, “Mom is sorry! Mom’s not human!”

Wendy hurriedly grabbed her hand and cried, “Mom, I don’t blame you for this, I did it voluntarily at that time…. It was me who couldn’t resist the temptation of money and wanted to sacrifice myself for glory and wealth, it has nothing to do with you, don’t beat yourself up like that…”

Hannah cried and exclaimed, “What kind of sin do you think this is that I’ve done well! How did a good day turn out like this…”

Wendy nodded her head incessantly at the side and said, “Like now, I can’t endure it anymore, and to say it from the bottom of my heart, now, as long as I can live a peaceful and stable life, not to mention being a mistress for Charlie, even if I’m a fornicating girl for Charlie, I’m willing to…”

At this point, Wendy cried, “To this day, I have only truly begun to envy Claire…”

“At the earliest, everyone thought she had ruined her life by marrying a l***r…”

“But who would have thought that this piece of trash she married would have treated her consistently for four years…”

“Moreover, this trash, who works and beats and scolds for her, even if the whole world laughs at him, he won’t leave Claire for half a step…”

“What’s even more precious is that this waste-like man was able to go against the grain and become the Master Wade respected by everyone in the entire Aurous Hill high society, isn’t that a proper super potential?”

“Now look, a man like Charlie is really the most reliable…”

“As for Gerald’s stream, even if he’s rich, what can he do?”

“At a critical moment, isn’t it still a big disaster that each of them is flying?”

After hearing these words from Wendy, Hannah was slightly stunned and whirled with emotion, “You’re right…. This girl, Claire, looks foolish, but she didn’t expect to be really wise!”


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