The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1989

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1989 – Fitz and Zara were on the way back, Fitz drove, and Zara sat in the passenger.

It can be seen that Fitz is in a very good mood, and is happy from ear to ear.

Seeing this, Zara smiled helplessly, and said, “Brother, I’ve done this for you. You must help me if you are looking for a benefactor!”

Fitz blurted out without hesitation: “Zara, don’t hesitate to put a ten thousand heart, brother must go all out, even if you blind my eyes, I will help you find your benefactor!”

Zara nodded with satisfaction: “You have a conscience!”

At this time, Fitz couldn’t help sighing again: “Hey…there are too many video materials. Only the two of us have seen him. I can’t ask others for help. I really don’t know that. More information, let’s see when we will go.”

Zara said: “I have already figured out a general operation method, which should save us a lot of effort.”

Fitz hurriedly asked: “What method of operation? Tell me quickly.”

Zara explained: “Although only the two of us have seen the face of him, others cannot directly help us find someone from the video material, but they can at least help us do a simple screening!”

“First of all, I can ask the Banks staff to help me pass all the female passengers in the airport video, regardless of men, women, young or old, and then pass all men, including all whites, blacks and browns. The remaining male passengers with yellow skin will be screened out for the male passengers who appear to be underage, the middle-aged male passengers who seem to be over 30 years old, and the older middle-aged and elderly passengers! Adult young travelers who are about 18 to 28 years old.”

“Then I asked them to crop all the frontal photos of eligible young male travelers in the video!”

“In this case, we don’t have to stare at the video material forever, and hundreds of people can help us watch it!”

“Let them help us screen out eligible travelers and take a screenshot of his front. We only need to look for the man in all the clear photos from the screenshots!”

When Fitz heard this, he said excitedly: “Yes, you know the fish! Your brains turn really fast. According to you, we don’t have to stare at the video. We just have to wait for others to watch the video. Cut out the picture, and then look for someone who looks like a benefactor from the picture!”

“Yes!” Zara nodded and said: “If we find that the young traveler on a screenshot looks like a good friend, then we will find the person who intercepted the picture and ask him to intercept it. The video of the photo was sent directly.”

“In this case, we can combine the video to make a clearer judgment whether this person is a good-natured man!”

“If it is, then we can follow the video at the time to find out the entire trajectory of him at the airport, and we can naturally judge which flight he took and where he left Japan to the country. A city, and then we can go directly to that city to find my benefactor!”

Fitz gave Zara a thumbs up, and said sincerely: “Awesome! I believe that with this method, you should be able to find out the traces of him in a few days!”


At this moment, Charlie, who was far away in Aurous Hill, didn’t know that Zara was one step closer to finding himself.

After he and his father-in-law Jacob gathered the gifts they gave, according to the original plan, they drove to the largest supermarket nearby to purchase the goods for the New Year.

Because the Chinese New Year is about to come, so many people come out to shop and purchase, and there are people and cars everywhere.

Charlie had queued for more than half an hour after parking, and finally he was lined up to a parking space.

After Jacob and son-in-law parked the car, they came to the supermarket and found that there were more people in the supermarket, almost people next to each other, and the whole supermarket was in an overloaded state.


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