The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1984

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1984 – Fitz nodded softly, but still a little unsure, and said in a low voice: “I heard that Stefanie seems to have a marriage contract with a younger member of the Wade family. If I really confess to her, can she agree?”

Zara comforted helplessly: “Oh, brother! Why are you chirping like a lady!”

“Don’t think about it so much, you don’t want to turn your bow back!”

“Moreover, even if she had a marriage contract, what about it? It was Bruce’s son who had a marriage contract with her. When the Bruce couple were k****d in the early years, he had already disappeared. Whether he is still alive is still unknown. , How could it be possible to come back and marry Stefanie?”

Speaking of this, Zara said again: “You, just play well and perform well. You are the eldest son of the Banks Family. In terms of financial resources, few people in the country can compare with you. In terms of looks, you look like a talent. , And with high education, I think you are more than enough to match Stefanie.”

Fitz said with emotion: “In fact, there is one more thing, I don’t know if you are not clear.”

Zara asked: “What’s the matter?”

Fitz said: “Dad and Bruce were always at odds. In order to fight against Bruce’s unstoppable energy, Dad also formed an anti-Wade alliance that year. The hatred with Bruce can be said to be very deep. Stefanie’s father is also a good brother to worship, so I am worried that Stefanie’s father will have prejudice against the Banks Family.”

Zara frowned and said, “I know that Dad and Bruce didn’t deal with him. I heard my uncle talk about it, but Bruce and Orrin are brothers, I have never heard of… ..”

As he said, Zara comforted: “But things have passed for so many years, I think he shouldn’t hold such a grudge? Besides, even if he has prejudices, he also has prejudices against his dad, and won’t be the same as those of us juniors. Besides, Stefanie is his only daughter. If Stefanie really likes you, I believe he will respect his daughter’s choice. What do you think?”

Fitz’s nervousness eased a bit after hearing her say this, and he nodded and said, “What you said makes sense… I will try it!”

Zara smiled and said, “You, be more confident. The world doesn’t know how many women are lining up to marry you. Some of them have better overall conditions than Stefanie. What can you do to feel inferior?”

Fitz chuckled, “I said so, but I still feel nervous.”

Zara earnestly said: “This is the problem of your mentality, and lack of self-confidence is the key! If I like a man in the future, I will never feel inferior at all. Even if he is the prince of the Middle East, I will not be Inferior in front of him.”

As he said, Zara laughed and said: “The prince is actually nothing great, let alone that I don’t like the foreign person. Even if I really put a prince in front of me, I still look at him with my heels!”

“A prince seems to be very powerful. The family assets are hundreds of billions of dollars, but in their kind of family, the princes from all quarters add up to say a few hundred. On average, a prince has more than one billion dollars in assets, which is not enough. This is my own pocket money.”

Fitz looked at Zara, chuckled lightly, and said seriously: “Hey, sometimes I really wish I could have your personality, and I don’t care about anything, so I will naturally live very generously.”

Zara asked him back: “Are you complimenting me or hurting me?”

“Praise you!” Fitz said earnestly: “Because I am the eldest son and grandson, I have been restrained and requested by my grandfather and dad since I was a child. The edges and corners of my personality have long been in front of them. It’s smoothed out, and there is no sense of resistance at all. Unlike you, no matter who you can fight twice.”

Zara said: “We are in different situations after all. It is you, not me, who will inherit the family in the future, so I can live a little heartless.”

Fitz nodded and asked her, “By the way, aren’t you looking for the Mystery Man? How is it?”

Zara sighed: “I just got the surveillance video of several major airports in Japan, and stared at them one by one. It is estimated that I will find my 30th birthday. I am still thinking of a reliable solution.”

After that, Zara hurriedly said: “By the way, I will leave the surveillance video to accompany you to your home today. After you go back, you must help me sort it out!”


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