The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1977

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1977 – Charlie returned to his room with Claire and then connected to Stefanie’s video call and asked her: “Hey, Stefanie.”

“Charlie!” In the video, Stefanie, wearing a nightgown at home, waved at Charlie excitedly.

In the video, Stefanie has no makeup, and her long black hair is casually draped over her shoulders. Without the full aura of a top star, she is more like a beautiful girl next door.

At this time, she happily asked in the video: “Charlie, what are you doing?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I’m not busy. Isn’t it the Chinese New Year right away? Just prepare some New Year’s goods at home.”

Stefanie smiled happily: “Hehe, me too! This year we will return to the old house in Heathbrook for the New Year!”

With that, she switched the cameras and took a picture of the surrounding environment. As expected, she was in the courtyard of the Banks family.

Charlie couldn’t help asking: “Daisy, your courtyard is so big, does it seem a little deserted for a family of three to celebrate the New Year?”

“No!” Stefanie said with a smile: “This year I will spend the New Year with my second and third uncles. There are three big families in total, which is quite lively.”

Charlie nodded, thinking of her second and third uncles, and couldn’t help but ask: “Daisy, your second and third uncles, how are you doing lately? Didn’t you make any trouble with your family?”

Stefanie hurriedly said, “No, no! My second uncle and third uncle have a good attitude these days. They ran home every three days, and every time they went, they brought big and small bags of various gifts!”

“Oh, by the way, this year I will go back to my old house for the New Year. The two of them proposed to my dad. They said that the family hadn’t been together for a long time for a lively Chinese New Year. So I wanted to get together for a while, my dad agreed. “

Charlie knew that Stefanie’s second uncle Hank and third uncle Carl, as well as their sons, are still in a state of infertility. During this period of time, you can guess that they must be very honest.

After all, they still hope to please Orrin’s family and get their forgiveness.

Before, they had signed an agreement with Orrin, and everything in the future will only be the leader of Orrin, so now they can’t make any more storms.

So Charlie said with satisfaction: “That’s good, if your two uncles are still unruly, you must tell me the first time.”

Stefanie nodded quickly and said, “Charlie, wait a moment, I’ll go to my parents’ room, they have something to tell you too!”

Charlie hurriedly asked: “You should wear more clothes, this dress looks like you wear it in summer, don’t freeze.”

Stefanie said with a sweet smile: “It won’t freeze, because the entire courtyard is covered with floor heating, and the heat is sufficient. The room has always been around 28 degrees.”

Charlie was relieved now.

In his mind, Stefanie is not so much a fiancee who has a marriage contract and a parental matchmaker’s agreement, but a little sister who has been by his side since childhood.

Therefore, Charlie also cared very much about her.

In the video, Stefanie trot all the way, through the huge hall, to the room of Orrin and Angie.

Orrin was drinking tea and reading at his desk at this time. Angie b****d a small furnace of sandalwood and brought the incense burner to Orrin’s desk. Seeing Stefanie rushing in at this time, he hurriedly said: “Daisy, you be careful, don’t fall!”

Stefanie said excitedly: “Mom, I’m videoing with Charlie!”

When Orrin heard the words Charlie, he immediately put down the book in his hand, and asked excitedly: “Are you videoing with Charlie? Hurry up, let me talk to him!”

Stefanie quickly placed the phone on the desk, with the camera and screen facing Orrin.

Orrin’s complexion was very good at this time, and his whole state was very young. Seeing Charlie in the video, he immediately smiled and said, “Charlie! How are you in Aurous Hill recently?”


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