The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1971

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1971 – Elaine has three sets of standards for measuring the value of items. The first is how much money can be exchanged for this thing. The second is how much face this thing can change. In her eyes, everything in the world, all-encompassing, is ultimately money and face.

For example, Charlie gave her a set of top-notch caviar skin care products at a purchase price of nearly 400,000, and it can sell at least 300,000 for takeaway, so she can clearly feel the weight of the three hundred thousand.

This is in line with her first set of standards, and it is valuable!

For another example, Elaine can not only sell 100,000 Dollar for takeaways, but also enjoy the envy and hatred of others, and let her feel the weight of more than 100,000. , But also feel very face.

This is in line with her second set of standards, face.

At this time, Elaine looked at the set of Dollar Blue and thought with a lack of interest: “If an item can’t be exchanged for money, and can’t be brought to the house to pretend to be forced by others, how valuable is it?”

“This Dollar blue and white elephant ear bottle does seem to be very valuable, but it can’t be sold out, and can’t be taken out to show off, so in the eyes of the Lady, it is a worthless waste.”

“Unless the Lady steals it and sells it another day, sell it for thousands of dollars”

However, Elaine changed his mind and thought again: “No! Charlie gave this thing to Jacob. If I sell it secretly, it doesn’t matter if Jacob is angry. If Charlie is angry, it will be difficult to handle.”

Thinking of this, Elaine could only give up the idea of playing this pair of Dollar blue and white dragon-shaped elephant ear bottles.

At this time, Don Albert continued to read the gift list.

Mr. Quinton gave an emerald worth 50 million, and Mr. White gave a pink diamond of about the same value.

The two are relatively familiar and have a good relationship. At the last auto show, the two men gave Charlie a sports car, so this time they discussed in advance and gave a valuable jewellery together. .

Although they are all jewels with similar value, they are of different varieties, so they are not afraid of clashing.

At this time, Aurora and Fred White each held a gift box and displayed the gems in it.

Two gems, one green and one pink, reflect colorful colors under the light, and the appearance is really perfect.

Elaine was so interested in these two gems that even her eyes fell in.

She couldn’t help thinking of the jade bracelet that Mr. Quinton had given to Charlie before.

The bracelet was worth at least several million. Charlie gave it to Claire, and was later stolen by Elaine to wear it. When wearing it, she took it as her own, but it was set up by Hannah. It was accidentally broken. This has always been a pain in Elaine’s heart that he does not want to recall.

Moreover, since then, Elaine hasn’t had much jewelry.

Now that she saw these two crystal and perfect gems, she suddenly moved her mind again, wishing that she could use both gems to make a necklace and put it on her neck and go out to scorn the market.

However, she dared to think about such a thing. If Charlie didn’t tell her, she would never dare to steal it.

After the gems were displayed, Don Albert continued to read: “Travis Lane, sends Master Wade a EC145 helicopter produced by Eurocopter!”

As soon as these words came out, the audience was deeply shocked!


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