The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 197

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 197 – Graham smiled as soon as he saw Charlie Wade. “Mr. Wade, I heard that you encountered some unexpected situations today. Therefore, I gathered some herbs and medicine, and I decided to send them over here for you to take a look.”

After he was done speaking, a bodyguard appeared behind Graham before he presented Charlie Wade with a red wooden box respectfully.

Graham opened the lid of the wooden box before he smiled and said, “Mr. Wade, please take a look at this.”

Charlie Wade saw that Graham had brought him a wooden box filled with old and thick wild ginseng, some purplish-red shiny Ganoderma lucidum, and a

few other medicinal herbs that could not be found in any ordinary herb shop.

Although these medicinal herbs were very precious and expensive, they did not contain much spiritual energy. However, these herbs were definitely better than nothing.

Moreover, these medicinal herbs would also come in handy since Charlie Wade needed to prepare some pills for invigorating Jacob Wilson’s blood circulation.

Charlie Wade nodded slightly before saying, “Okay, give it to me.”

Graham hurriedly closed the box before handing it over to Charlie Wade. “Thanks to Mr. Wade’s guidance, everything has been going well for the Quinton family. Also, our business has improved tremendously over the past two days. This is all thanks to you! Please do not hesitate to ask the Quinton family for any herbs or medicine that you might need in the future. I will definitely send it over to you immediately.”

Charlie Wade replied, “Alright, then. If there are any good medicinal

herbs, please send some to me. It will be very useful to me.”

“Okay!” Then, Graham quickly asked, “Mr. Wade, if you have nothing on, would you like to come over to the Quinton family mansion to enjoy some noodles and a home-cooked meal?”

Charlie Wade simply replied indifferently, “Maybe another day. There is something that I need to do for my family now.”

“Okay,” Graham hurriedly replied. “I will not bother you any longer.”

After saying that, Graham left immediately, and Charlie Wade also turned around and walked back into the house.

Jacob Wilson was currently experiencing an unbearable headache, and so, Claire Wilson Wilson wanted to walk him to a massage center nearby so that he could relieve his headache and promote the blood circulation in his brain.

However, Charlie Wade simply said, “Dad, you should not be walking around now. You should take a break and rest more. One of my friends has just delivered some medicinal herbs to me. I will prepare some pills for you, and I believe that it will be very effective in relieving your headache.”

Jacob Wilson could not help but ask, “Charlie Wade, do you know how to prescribe medicine and cure diseases as well?”

Charlie Wade smiled before he replied, “I learned a bit of medicine in the past.”

He could not tell his father-in-law that he had learned about this secret pill from the .

This was a long lost medicinal prescription, and it could not only remove the blood congestion in the brain, but it also had a miraculous effect on any severe brain diseases such as cerebral infarction or s****e.

If Charlie Wade could successfully formulate the secret pill, Jacob Wilson would definitely be cured.

Nevertheless, Jacob Wilson was still a little worried. He could only awkwardly speak to Charlie Wade and said, “Charlie Wade, I am saying this not because I do not trust you. I know that you are very good at fighting as I have witnessed it personally. However, I don’t think that you will be able to treat illnesses and save people just by watching television…”

Then, Jacob Wilson coughed slightly before he said, “Well, I think I will just ask Claire Wilson Wilson to take me to the hospital!”

Charlie Wade smiled before replying, “Okay, dad. If you do not believe me, you can go to the hospital and seek treatment first. It would be great if they could treat you immediately.”

Jacob Wilson quickly replied, “No, it is not that I do not trust you. I am just in a lot of pain, so I would like to go to the hospital to get checked by the doctors.”

After that, Jacob Wilson turned around and said, “Let’s go, Claire Wilson Wilson.”

Claire Wilson Wilson nodded before she helped Jacob Wilson to stand up, and they headed out immediately.

At this time, Charlie Wade walked into the kitchen as he began preparing the prescription for his secret pill.

According to the , this medicine was very effective. Since Jacob Wilson only had a slight blood congestion in his brain, Charlie Wade subtracted a few medicinal herbs from the prescription before he began preparing it so that it would not be too strong for Jacob Wilson.