The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1964

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1964 – Although Wendy had been with Gerald White desperately for several years, and she was pregnant with his child, she was still left clean by Gerald White.

Later, Wendy became the concubine and plaything of Kenneth Wilson and Jeffrey Weaver. Following them, instead of getting much benefit, she suffered a lot of crimes and ruined her reputation.

The current Wendy was even more miserable. Although she was still living in this luxurious Thompson First villa, she was hungry all night, but she didn’t even have the money to eat breakfast.

In this case, seeing Gerald White again, all kinds of scenes from that year appeared before her eyes, which made her feel extremely sad.

In a short while, Wendy’s eyes were filled with tears, and then two lines of tears burst into her eyes.

She couldn’t help but choked softly: “Brother Gerald…why did you not want me…Brother Gerald…what did I do wrong to make you leave so desperately? I… Brother Gerald…”

Speaking of this, Wendy was already crying!

Seeing her daughter cry like this, Hannah was of course very distressed deep in her heart. She gently embraced her and comforted her: “Wendy, believe mom, you will definitely find a better man than Gerald White in the future!”

Wendy cried and said, “How could it be possible…My reputation is completely bad now. When people talk about me, they are just a joke, mocking me for not loving enough, and being Kenneth Wilson, a man older than my dad. Wilson, he threw me to Jeffrey Weaver after he was done…”

Having said that, Wendy turned around and glared at the complicated Wilson Lady, and said angrily: “It’s all to blame you! It’s all to the d**d Lady! You forced me to seduce Kenneth Wilson! If it wasn’t for you, My reputation cannot be broken! If it weren’t for you, Brother Gerald and I might still have a chance! You ruined me!”

Lady Wilson was taken aback by Wendy’s angry roar, she stepped back subconsciously, and said, “How can you blame me for this? Didn’t you agree with Kenneth Wilson?”

Wendy scolded: “You f**t! If you didn’t force me, how could I agree?! You just want to use Kenneth Wilson in exchange for investment! You just want to sell my body in exchange for prosperity and wealth!”

Lady Wilson said angrily: “Wendy! You have to rely on your conscience! In this matter, can I benefit from it alone?”

After that, she pointed to Hannah and said angrily: “Don’t forget, Kenneth Wilson gave you five million back at the beginning, but in the end it was cheaper for your parents! If you really want to say who betrayed your body in exchange for Wealth, I can only count one! Your parents must also be included! You must also be included!”

Hannah’s expression suddenly became very ugly.

Although Lady Wilson’s words were harsh, what she said was indeed the truth.

At the beginning, whether it was the Lady Wilson, Hannah and Christopher, they all liked Kenneth Wilson’s ability and wealth.

Therefore, together they persuaded Wendy to enter Kenneth Wilson’s room in the middle of the night. And Wendy was not completely forced, to be more precise, half-push half-step.

She broke up with Gerald White at the time, and the family’s economic situation continued to deteriorate. She herself had long been dissatisfied with those poor days. Therefore, mixing with Kenneth Wilson was partly because of her own vanity.

Wendy was also blushing at this time. she knows. Everyone is responsible for this matter, including themselves. Just like a proverb, in an avalanche, no snowflake is innocent. Thinking of this, she also lost the idea of continuing to entangle with Lady Wilson, squatting on the ground and crying.

Lady Wilson ignored her, but looked at the big luxury car at the door of Charlie’s house and the large group of big people in the upper class, and her heart was so sad…

Hannah also had a taste in her heart! She thought that Charlie had sent herself to the black coal kiln, and she was even more angry.

So he gritted his teeth and cursed: “Isn’t Charlie just a liar? What the h**l! Master Wade, master his grandmother! How come so many big people believe him? Really blind Their dog eyes!”

The Lady Wilson sighed deeply, and said with extreme regret and despair: “Hey!!! I knew Charlie would have what it is today, and I wouldn’t have driven the family out of what I said back then! What a blind me! My dog’s eyes!”


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