The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 196

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 196 – Claire Wilson Wilson replied, “What plans would I have? I will look for another job!”

Charlie Wade did not say anything else when he heard Claire Wilson Wilson’s words. Instead, he simply walked to the balcony as he gave Zeke a phone call.

As soon as Zeke answered the phone, Charlie Wade asked him immediately,

“Your nephew, Gerald… is he engaged to Wendy?”

“Yes.” Zeke replied in a hurry before he asked, “What can I do for you, Mr. Wade?”

Charlie Wade replied coldly, “I have already broken all ties with the Wilson family. If the White family decides to accept a bride from the Wilson family, that would mean that you are not giving me any face at all. Therefore, if you insist on doing so, do not blame me for not being polite when there are any conflicts in the future.”

As soon as Zeke heard his words, he panicked and blurted out immediately, “Mr. Wade, please don’t get me wrong. The White family has already regretted this marriage arrangement for a long time. If it weren’t for

the fact that you were the son-in-law of the Wilson family, I would never have allowed someone from my family to marry someone like Wendy! Don’t worry, Mr. Wade. I will send someone to go over to the Wilson family villa to notify them about the annulment of the engagement immediately!”

Charlie Wade nodded in satisfaction before he said, “Okay, then. I am

glad that I can count on you.”

Zeke hurriedly replied, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry. The White family looks forward to working with you in the future.”

“Okay,” Charlie Wade replied immediately. “Go and get it done now.” “Okay, Mr. Wade!”

Wasn’t the Wilson family d***g to be part of the White family? Well, in that case, he would destroy all of their wishful thinking!

After that, Charlie Wade made a phone call to Doris.

Since he was teaching the Wilson family a lesson, he would have to make it a memorable one for them.

As soon as the call connected, Charlie Wade said coldly, “Doris, please make a public announcement immediately stating that Emgrand Group will suspend all future collaborations with the Wilson Group and we will dissolve any of the contracts that we have with them, effective immediately.”

Doris was extremely surprised. “Mr. Wade, isn’t the Wilson Group the company owned by the young lady’s family? Wouldn’t you be hurting her feelings if you choose to do this?”

Charlie Wade replied, “My wife has already broken all ties with the Wilson family, and they will have nothing to do with my wife in the future!”

Doris understood Charlie Wade’s words immediately. “Okay, Mr. Wade. I know what I have to do. I will go and prepare the official statement now.”

This way, the Wilson family would be completely destroyed!

Wasn’t Lady Wilson a very arrogant woman? Well, he would leave her with

nothing at all, then!

After hanging up the phone, Charlie Wade returned to the living room where he saw Jacob Wilson, who was resting on the sofa. He noticed that Jacob Wilson’s eyes sockets were swollen, and the bruises on his forehead were getting worse, and Charlie Wade became worried that his injury would become increasingly worse.

He could tell that Jacob Wilson did not only suffer physical injuries, but it seemed as though he had sustained some impacts on his brain.

Charlie Wade suspected that there might be a slight blood congestion in his brain, and it would be best for Jacob Wilson to go to the hospital and have a craniotomy in order to remove the blood clots.

Otherwise, this intracranial hematoma would become a ticking time b**b that would suddenly erupt, causing Jacob Wilson to d*e a sudden d***h.

However, Charlie Wade did not want Claire Wilson Wilson to panic. Therefore, he decided to conceal this matter temporarily.

He stood up before saying, “I am going out to buy some herbs so that we can treat dad’s injuries.”

Many medical techniques were recorded in the , and Charlie Wade had seen a prescription that could relieve depression and activate the blood circulation in the brain. He had a feeling that this would definitely cure his father-in-law.

Claire Wilson Wilson asked him curiously, “What kind of herbs are you going to buy? Will it work? Wouldn’t it be better if we sent him to the hospital?”

Charlie Wade smiled before he replied, “I don’t think that we should go to the hospital now. After all, the doctors will deliberately make his condition out to be more serious than it is just so they can scare us into receiving additional treatments. I know of a prescription that is very good for bruises.”

Claire Wilson Wilson nodded in acknowledgment, and Charlie Wade headed toward the door.

As soon as Charlie Wade opened the front door, he saw an acquaintance arriving outside his house.

It turned out to be Graham from the Quinton family.

Charlie Wade frowned as he stared at Graham and asked, “Why are you here?”