The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1956

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1956 – My aunt.

Born in the mansion of Eastcliff since she was a child, she has enjoyed the glory and wealth all her life, always being arrogant, defiant, and arrogant.

That being the case, the best way to punish her is to let her live a hard life and severely frustrate her spirit!

Therefore, Charlie sent a voice to Don Albert: “Don Albert, I think this environment is good, but you must make your people guard against it 24 hours a day, and never allow her to buy any goods online, nor allow her to Order any takeaway!”

“If she buys something, or orders takeaway, your people will stop it directly and absolutely can’t give it to her!”

“As for her daily food, just let your people see the mood and buy her something from a small restaurant outside, but remember that the standard for a single day’s food must never exceed fifty Dollar!”

At this moment, the shanty town of the village in the city. Don Albert used the phone speaker to play the voice that Charlie had just sent.

Cynthia’s face suddenly became even more ugly after hearing it!

She angrily said: “This is too much! Don’t let me shop online, let me order takeaway?!”

Don Albert sneered: “I just won’t let you order, what’s the matter?”

Cynthia said angrily: “I want to call Charlie!”

Don Albert smiled and said: “Based on what I know about Master Wade, if you make a call, the daily food standard will definitely not increase but decrease! You will definitely regret the call by then!”

Cynthia gritted her teeth and said, “You’re f*cking here to bluff me!”

After speaking, she immediately took out his mobile phone and called Charlie.

Charlie answered the phone, and Cynthia blurted out immediately: “Charlie! You are too much, right?! You let me stay in Aurous Hill for a week and live in this kind of pig nest-like environment, and I will bear it! But why are you restricting my online shopping and ordering takeout?”

“Also! What good food can I eat for a food standard of fifty Dollar a day? What if I am malnourished during this period? What if I eat waste oil and cause heavy metal p*******g?”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Auntie, is Don Albert by your side? You turn on the speakerphone and I will tell him.”

Cynthia immediately turned on the speaker, and Charlie said: “Don Albert, can you hear me?”

Don Albert’s voice soon came: “Master Wade, I am here. Just give your orders!”

Charlie gave a hum and said, “My aunt, her temper is still too strong!”

Having said that, he sighed and said, “Let’s do it, reduce her daily food standard from fifty Dollar to thirty Dollar. If she is still not satisfied, reduce it to twenty or ten Dollar. It’s really not good, one day. Five Dollar is also fine, two Dollar for steamed buns, one Dollar for pickled mustard, and the remaining two Dollar for some other tooth-fighting sacrifices!”

Don Albert laughed out immediately: “Good Master Wade, I see!”

Cynthia suddenly collapsed, crying and said, “Charlie, what do you mean?! If you don’t want to add a little bit to me, just forget it, why you deduct me 20 Dollar?!”

Charlie said, “Auntie, I’m all for your own good. Let you work hard, so that you can gain a little more experience and lessons after returning to society. But I think you are really insincere. The ancients said , The sky will descend to the people of Sri Lanka, you must first suffer from your mind, your muscles, and your body. Since you are not sincere and so stubborn, then I will increase my efforts to make you a better one soon. Pure people!”


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