The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1947

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1947 – Lady Wilson is a typical hiring person forward instead of backward.

When she was in the detention center, she needed Gena to support herself, so she was extremely polite to Gena at that time, and treated her like her own daughter.

But in fact, she doesn’t even look down on a vulgar village woman like Gena.

Therefore, from the day she left the detention center, she had completely forgotten Gena.

For her, Gena is only a tool that must be used in a special period. After that special period, she never wants to have anything to do with Gena.

However, I never expected that this Gena would appear in his own home inexplicably!

Gena didn’t expect that the Lady would deny what she had done.

In her opinion, it was obviously your Lady Wilson who saved us, arranged for the driver to pick us up to Thompson First, and entered our fingerprints on the gate. Why did she deny it at this time?

Thinking of this, Gena asked with a puzzled face: “Lady, what’s wrong with you? You did all these good things, so why are you reluctant to admit it?”

“Yeah!” Yadira and Samantha also came over and asked uncomprehendingly: “Lady, you obviously did all this. Why did you deny it? Why is that?”

Lady Wilson was surrounded by the three of them, feeling the stinky smell on their bodies, feeling dizzy, and choking her coughing.

The three of them didn’t pay much attention to personal hygiene, and it was winter now, their clothes were thick, they didn’t pay much attention to hygiene, didn’t take a bath or change their clothes, so that the three of them had a strong body odor.

Now three people surrounded the Lady, and the smell was sour and sour.

While covering her nose, Lady Wilson said grievously: “Gena, you really misunderstood. I really didn’t do these things…”

Gena smiled, showing his big yellow teeth, and said with a smile: “Oh, Lady, I know you have a good heart, and you may not want to say something, but it doesn’t matter, the relationship between our inmates is deep after all! Now! The three of us have also come out. From now on, we will all stay by your side and take care of you!”

Samantha on the side also said: “Yes, Lady, when you didn’t come back, the three of us had already arranged a room. Fortunately, your villa is big enough and there are enough rooms. From now on, we will live in three of them. Here, you are the mothers of the three of us!”

“What?!” When the Lady Wilson heard this, she burst into flames and blurted out: “You have arranged the rooms? Who gives you the power?!”

Samantha didn’t expect the Lady to suddenly get angry, and hurriedly asked: “What’s the matter, Lady, you let us come over and live with you, we must get a share of the room!”

Lady Wilson trembled angrily, and said angrily: “This is my house, so I won’t be held accountable if you break in without permission, but who gives you the right to divide my bedroom?! Leave me immediately!”

Wendy hurried over at this time and said in a low voice: “Grandma, we are currently short of manpower, so let them help, and let them go when Dad and Brother are better off.”

Lady Wilson waved her hand and said coldly: “I can’t let them be here without manpower. They are so stinky to be like this. Letting them stay one more minute will be my birthday! Besides, Mr. Webb will arrange a helper for us. Yes, it must be 10,000 times stronger than these three stinky old ladies!”

After that, she looked at Gena and said sharply: “You three, get out of me quickly!”

Gena was stunned!


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