The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 194

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 194 – ”Charlie Wade, you piece of trash! Now that all of you have already been driven out of the Wilson family, this villa will have to stay in the Wilson family. I came here to collect the villa on behalf of the Wilson family today!”

Claire Wilson Wilson gritted her teeth before she said, “You guys are simply too much! You are trying to snatch the villa by force simply because you failed to get Charlie Wade to give it up to you?!”

Jacob Wilson also yelled angrily, “Harold! This villa belongs to my son- in-law. No one can take it away from him!”

Harold spat and began cursing, “Who the h**l do you think you are, Claire Wilson Wilson? You are now just someone who has been chased out and disowned by the Wilson family. Do you think you are qualified or worthy enough to talk to me?”

Then, Harold raised the crowbar in his hand as he pointed it at Jacob Wilson and continued to speak, “And you, old man. Do you think you are still my second uncle? Hurry up and get out of this villa now. Otherwise, I will break your legs!”

Charlie Wade was extremely furious, and he asked coldly, “Where is Barry?”

Harold stepped forward and laughed before saying, “Oh, you mean the old man who was guarding the villa? Well, I got rid of him after giving him a good beating. From now on, he should know clearly who the true owner of this villa is.”

“You hit Barry?” Charlie Wade asked with a cold expression on his face.

Even though Barry was a butler who previously worked for the White family, since Zeke had already placed him in charge of this villa, he was one of Charlie Wade’s people.

Moreover, Uncle Barry had always been very loyal and respectful to him.

What was even more important was the fact that Barry was already more than sixty years old this year. Charlie Wade could not believe that Harold would not even let an innocent old man off.

Harold sneered before he said, “Why? If a dog cannot recognize his own master, shouldn’t I beat him up nicely? Otherwise, how would he ever know who his true master is? I have to beat him up so that he knows who his master is and where his loyalty should lie.”

After saying that, Harold started laughing sinisterly.

Charlie Wade became extremely angry, and without holding back, he punched Harold.


Harold could not dodge on time, and Charlie Wade’s fist hit him directly on his nose bridge. Harold screamed in pain as blood started gushing out of his nose.

“Why are you still standing there?! I want this piece of trash d**d!”

Harold yelled at the bodyguards with a wild and crazy expression plastered on his face.

Immediately, the bodyguards took out some long knives before they started rushing at Charlie Wade viciously.

“Charlie Wade, I know that you are very good at fighting, but I really want to see how you are going to get out of this alive! Let’s see whether your fists are harder, or whether your skin is thicker than the knives!”

Claire Wilson Wilson and Jacob Wilson turned pale as soon as they saw the bodyguards rushing at Charlie Wade with knives in their hands.

Yes, Charlie Wade was undoubtedly a good fighter, however, at the end of the day, he was still made of flesh. He was only human. How could he possibly win against his opponents who were all brandishing long knives in their hand?

Charlie Wade had an indifferent expression on his face.

“You think you can take my life just like that?”

Having said that, Charlie Wade moved at such a fast speed as he fought against the bodyguards working for the Wilson family.

Even though the bodyguards were all holding a long knife in their hand,

they could not even touch Charlie Wade’s clothes at all.

Moreover, Charlie Wade was simply amazing because he could even launch an a****k while evading their knives.

He would throw a punch casually, and when his fist hit his target, the sound resounded loudly in the air.

The bodyguards were all members who had retired from the special force, but they were no match for Charlie Wade at all.

In the blink of an eye, Charlie Wade had already taken all the bodyguards down.

No one knew how he did it because Charlie Wade’s moves had been so quick and swift. Even before they could see him coming, the bodyguard had already been knocked down to the ground!

Furthermore, Charlie Wade was feeling infuriated as he fought with these bodyguards, and so, he did not hold back as he did not feel any sympathy for them at all. He attacked them brutally, and most of them were lying on the ground as they screamed in pain because of their broken hands or legs.