The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1939

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1939 – At this moment, Elaine’s situation is also very tragic.

She was first sent to the best orthopedic hospital in Aurous Hill by Don Albert’s men, and then an expert was urgently arranged to perform joint surgery on her knee.

In fact, for injuries like hers, the best way is to undergo surgery in the shortest possible time. After fixing the knees with steel plates and nails, they are wrapped in plaster for protection.

In this way, the best recovery effect can also be obtained.

After the operation, he returned to the ward, where Don Albert’s men were already waiting for her.

The subordinate opened his mouth and said to Elaine: “Ms. Elaine, you have done a lot to arrest Caroline this time, so all your treatment costs this time will be borne by our Interpol.”

Elaine looked at the right leg that was put in a plaster again, and she burst into tears in discomfort, and choked up: “Comrade Interpol, you can’t let that Caroline go anyway!”

The man nodded and said solemnly: “Ms. Elaine, don’t worry, we will bring her to justice!”

He said, “By the way, Ms. Elaine, for your personal safety, I have to remind you of something else.”

As soon as Elaine heard that it was still related to his personal safety, he said hurriedly: “Say!”

The man said seriously: “Caroline is a transnational fraudster. Behind her is a huge fraud group spanning dozens of countries. Although we have arrested Caroline this time, there are still many of Caroline’s comrades who have yet to We have been arrested, so you must not tell anyone about this matter, otherwise, it is very likely that you will be retaliated by this fraud group!”

When Elaine heard this, she burst into tears!

“My mother, this is endless! It was because of this thing last time that I was taken into the detention center. I suffered a lot and my leg was broken…”

“Now my leg is just right, I haven’t had time to jump for two days, or because of this, it was broken again, you said they will come to retaliate against me next time, then what can I do in the future? I… .. Why do I have such a hard life…”

The man hurriedly comforted: “Ms. Elaine, don’t get excited. This time is different from the last time.”

Elaine cried and asked, “What’s the difference? Didn’t you still catch them clean? As long as they have a comrade outside, it is possible to retaliate against me! And this time I got their boss Caroline in. Now, they will not let me go! They interrupted my leg before, and then it might k**l me!”

The person explained: “This is Ms. Elaine. We are still very cautious. The arrest of Caroline has not leaked any information. As long as we do not disclose it, and you do not disclose this matter, no one will think of it. Go on you.”

Elaine breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly asked, “But you see how miserable I am now, my leg was broken, my face was beaten and swollen into a pig’s head, and my hair was choked off by that Caroline. How can I explain to my family?”

The man hurriedly said, “In fact, this matter is easy to explain. How did you explain to your family the last time you entered the detention center?”

Elaine said: “I told them that I was tricked into a MLM organization, and then I was taken into the detention center as a MLM employee…”

The man nodded and said, “You told your family this time that members of several MLM organizations deliberately designed to retaliate against you, so they beat you like this. I think they should believe it.”

Elaine sighed, “Hey, this is the only way to do things now…”

The man took out Elaine’s mobile phone and handed it to her, “Ms. Elaine, you can contact your family. To avoid suspicion, I will also leave.”

Elaine nodded, looked at the person in a flustered manner, and exhorted: “Comrade Interpol, please be sure to keep things alive today. Don’t let Caroline’s associates know that I got her in, otherwise I My life is definitely gone, please…”

The man said seriously: “Don’t worry, we must keep it strictly confidential!”

After that, the man said in a convenient way: “Ms. Elaine, take care of your injuries, I will leave first.”

After the man left, Elaine picked up the phone and quickly called Claire.

As soon as the phone was connected, she immediately cried and said, “Claire, my dear girl! Come and see mom in the hospital! Mom’s leg is broken again… Why do you think mom is so fate… …”


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