The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1930

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1930 – Wendy sighed on the side: “It’s a pity that Elaine will be sent to the black brick kiln to b**n bricks soon, and Gena hasn’t come out yet. After she comes out, she may never see Elaine again in this life.”

“Who said no!” The Lady also sighed, “But it doesn’t matter. When Elaine arrives at the black brick kiln, there will be endless suffering waiting for her!”

At this time, Aurous Hill Women’s Detention Center.

Gena, who was in the air, suddenly sneezed.

Several entourages hurried over and asked diligently, “Sister Gena, what’s wrong with you? Have you caught a cold?”

Gena rubbed his nose: “I don’t know, maybe someone misses me.”

The man next to him smiled and said: “Who would think of us like us prisoners who have no relatives and no cause!”

“Yes.” The other person also echoed: “This will be the Chinese New Year right away, and no one in my family has ever visited me. It really makes me chill!”

After that, she looked at Gena and asked, “Sister Gena, how long can you release?”

Gena smacked and said, “Hey, it’s still five or six months!”

“That’s too soon, I’m still eight months away…”

“I’m still four months…”

“Hey, you can’t spend the New Year at home this year, and it should be fine next year!”

Gena sighed: “My mother is gone, my husband also ran away with the vixen, and my brother’s family is a tortoise b*****d again. I don’t even have a family member in this world…”

Having said this, Gena’s eye circles suddenly reddened, and he choked up: “Hey! Looking at the New Year, I couldn’t b**n some paper money for the Lady. I don’t know how she lived there and whether she had enough money. it’s cold today, I don’t know if she and my dad have the money to celebrate the New Year…”

“Sister Gena, don’t think about it. After you go out, there will be opportunities to b**n paper for your parents!”

Gena nodded lightly, and couldn’t help sighing: “Actually, I still miss that Lady. Seeing how she was bullied, I remember how pitiful my mother was when she was bullied by my sister-in-law when she was alive. Looks like, in this heart, there is a burst of pain…”

After speaking, she asked several other people, “You said, what is old Lady Wilson doing now? When she came in, she didn’t even have a place to sleep. How is life now? Shouldn’t she still wander in the street? “

As they were talking, the p****n guard suddenly came over and said to a few of them: “Gena, Yadira, and Samantha, the three of you pack up and are ready to be released!”

The three of them were stunned!

Gena asked in surprise: “Preparing to be released from p****n?! Isn’t it time for me?”

The p****n guard said: “Someone has already handled the bail pending trial for you. You can be released today!”

“Ah?!” Gena said in surprise: “I don’t know anyone, who will help me get a bail pending trial?”

The p****n guard said indifferently: “Your old acquaintance, Lady Wilson, asked someone to do it. She paid a lot of deposit for the three of you!”

Gena was even more surprised and speechless. She opened her mouth wide and thought for a long time before she asked in disbelief, “Lady Wilson?! Isn’t she miserable? Where can the money help us get the bail pending trial?! “

The p****n guard laughed and said: “The Lady Wilson is amazing now. I heard that the family business has come back to life, and the family has also moved into the luxury villa of Thompson First. It is said that they are saved to let you go to Thompson First. Good day!”


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