The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1924

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1924 – Orrin, who was in the late stage of pancreatic c****r, suddenly recovered his health, and it seemed like a decade back in time. The entire upper class of Eastcliff was eager to know the reason, and wanted to know what kind of chance Orrin encountered. Raw.

However, everyone investigated for a while, and no one got any effective information.

Now, when Charlie said this suddenly, Cynthia asked in h****r: “These things have something to do with you?!”

Charlie snorted coldly: “What does it mean to have something to do with me? These things are all done by me, Charlie Wade!”

At this time, even Donald was shocked with nothing to add.

The d***h of the Eight Great Heavenly Kings caused the Webb family to suffer a great loss, but they still don’t know how the Eight Great Heavenly Kings died.

Now, he finally understood.

It turned out that the eight heavenly kings were all d**d in Charlie’s hands!

He couldn’t help but deepen his soul torture himself: “How powerful is this Charlie?!”

Cynthia was also shocked.

Donald couldn’t know what Charlie said, what happened in Japan some time ago, but Cynthia knew it!

The three major families in Japan reshuffled almost overnight. One was wiped out, and the other half was wiped out. Only one Ito family remained. The patriarch Yuhiko Ito also lost his legs.

Behind this, there is an extremely powerful master who k****d countless ninjas and even saved Zara and Fitz brothers and sisters. Could it be… Charlie? !

Charlie pointed to Donald and asked Cynthia, “Do you know that Donald has a son named Kian, who was in Aurous Hill some time ago. He must eat s**t every hour like a demon?”

Donald’s expression instantly became extremely pale!

And Cynthia was also shocked!

Although the Webb family is far from being famous in Eastcliff.

However, Kian, the second son of Donald, is very famous in Eastcliff.

Mainly because of that time, TikTok has been pushing Kian’s related videos. The whole country knows. At that time, the top masters of several major families all analyzed this matter and believed that Kian must be a master who can endure the sky, and made a very strong psychological suggestion.

Cynthia asked himself inwardly: “Could it be that Charlie did that too?!”

Donald had also collapsed at this time!

He suppressed his anger, choked and said, “Master Wade! My youngest son has always been sensible! He just studied in Aurous Hill peacefully and did not do any bad things. Why did you harm him so far!!!”

Charlie glanced at Donald, slapped his face severely, and angrily reprimanded: “Your b*****d son, takes pleasure in playing with and ruining girls!”

“If you have enough play, the girls don’t stop, but they have to use the scumbag’s psychological hints to brainwash and force each other to commit s*****e!”

“This kind of animal behavior, everyone can be punishable!”

“Now you are licking your face to tell me that your son who is not as good as a beast has always been sensible and has not done any bad things?!”

“Who gave you the courage?!”


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