The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1923

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1923 – Cynthia’s self-esteem was deeply stung by Charlie’s playful eyes!

She gritted her teeth and shouted: “Of course! Do you think I was joking with you?! If you continue to be so ignorant of praise, toasting and not eating fine wine, I promise you will be finished sooner or later! Not only you are finished, your wife, and your mother-in-law , And all the people around you are going to d*e!”

Speaking of this, Cynthia has also completely exploded. She shouted hoarsely like a shrew: “I tell you, your parents were lucky back then, and they can return to Eastcliff’s grave if you d*e! If you d*e in the future, you don’t even have the qualifications to enter the Wade Family Ancestor’s grave!”

Charlie’s expression suddenly became extremely gloomy.

He looked at Cynthia and said lightly: “You are my father’s biological sister, so I can’t beat you.”

Cynthia sneered and said, “Do you still know that I am your father’s sister?! Don’t you hurry up and respectfully treat me…”

Before Cynthia finished speaking, Charlie immediately said to Don Albert: “Don Albert! You have no blood relationship with her, give me her mouth!”

Don Albert immediately said loudly: “Yeah, Master Wade!”

After that, he immediately rushed over and grabbed Cynthia by the collar.

Cynthia was taken aback and threatened: “Do you dare to hit me, I will definitely k**l you in the future!”

Don Albert slapped the face and slapped Cynthia’s two posterior teeth. He said coldly, “Master Wade gave me my life. Even if Master Wade asks me to k**l the king, I will never Blink, not to mention you uneducated vixen!”

After all, it was another slap in the face.

Don Albert had long been so angry with Cynthia’s attitude towards Charlie, he finally waited until Charlie agreed, naturally he was merciless.

Cynthia was stunned by these two slaps. she was angry and angry, and shouted like crazy: “You will all d*e! All of you will d*e!!!”

Charlie looked at her and said coldly:

“If you have investigated me carefully, you should know why I was revered as Master Wade in Aurous Hill!”

“If you have investigated me seriously, then you should also know why the Eight Heavenly Kings sent by Donald were completely wiped out by me under Golim Mountain!”

Having said that, Charlie smiled and continued:

“If you have investigated me seriously, you should know that I just went to Japan a few days ago. As for the things that happened in Japan some time ago, I think you should know it!”

Cynthia’s complexion continued to change dramatically, becoming more and more frightened and paler!

Charlie stared at her, and then asked, “Don’t you want me to go back and marry Stefanie Sun? Then you didn’t think about it. My father’s best friend Orrin was already d***g. Why could he suddenly become alive and well? Is there really any medical miracle?”

After speaking, Charlie pointed to Don Albert and continued to question: “At the beginning, Don Albert was in Heaven Springs and was almost k****d by Donald’s men. With the last breath, how did he come alive? Do you know?”

Cynthia’s expression is as pale as paper!

At this time, Charlie didn’t conceal his aura, he filled his whole body with reiki, and shouted very aggressively: “If you haven’t thought about these problems before, then please use your mind now and think about it. Think about it! After thinking it through, come tell me again, between the two of us, it wasn’t you who could k**l me, it was I who could k**l you!”

Cynthia was immediately stunned by the momentum on Charlie and what he had said!

The Wade family did investigate many things about Charlie in Aurous Hill.

However, many clues obtained are not sufficient.

For example, they know that Charlie seems to be very strong, but they have not had a clear understanding of how strong it is.

They also knew about Donald’s Guards’ d***h at the foot of Golim Mountain, but they didn’t know who did it.

And Orrin!


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