The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1916

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1916 – She subconsciously questioned: “Who do you say is Caroline Wells?! How could I be called such an earthy name! I am Wade’s parents and daughter! I am Cynthia who has been replaced by a fake!”

Don Albert shouted coldly: “You still pretend to me? You have k****d so many people and caused so many companies and individuals bankrupted for so many years, don’t you have the slightest knowledge of yourself?”

Elaine was also dumbfounded…

Ten thousand voices in her heart kept lingering in her mind: “What the h**l is going on? Who is this woman? Is she Charlie’s aunt or a transnational scammer?!”

“If she is Charlie’s aunt, what’s the matter with these Interpol? They also accurately stated what they were arrested in p****n, which seems to be really well-founded.”

“If she is a transnational scammer, why did she find herself and want her daughter to divorce Charlie? And even a big man like Donald believes she is really Wade’s parents and daughter?!”

“These two things seem to have their own reasons. If you take out any of them, you can stand up…”

At this moment, Don Albert continued to scold, “Caroline Wells, we have already investigated what you did. We also know the purpose of your visit to Elaine this time. Don’t you just want to give you that? Do the three women who have been sentenced to life imprisonment take revenge? You want Elaine’s family to ruin, right?”

As soon as Elaine heard this, she suddenly thought of the three women who made trouble for her and wanted to k**l her when she was in p****n!

One of them was a middle-aged woman with a scar on her face. The woman said at the time that they were arrested because of Elaine…

Thinking of this, Elaine’s balance has already tilted!

She began to feel that Cynthia should be a liar more likely!

At this moment, Cynthia was already stunned: “What are you talking about! I am not Caroline Wells at all! I am Cynthia Wade!”

Don Albert sneered: “Still pretending? It seems that you scammers are very involved in the drama. Sometimes you forget who you are and brainwash yourself? Well, if this is the case, then I don’t Leave room for you. We have already understood your plan ahead of time! You want to use a short promise to induce Elaine to persuade her daughter to divorce Charlie, right?!”

Cynthia blurted out: “What the h**l are you talking about?! The check I wrote to her is real!!! It’s a real check not a fake replacement!!!”

A smile was wiped at the corner of Don Albert’s mouth, but Cynthia couldn’t see it under the cover of the black mask.

Charlie had long guessed that his aunt would definitely use the money to smash Elaine, so he deliberately let Don Albert pour d***y water on Cynthia.

Elaine has been in j**l. Fake checks and bank cards will definitely make her extremely sensitive.

Charlie’s guess of Elaine was really thorough!

As soon as Elaine heard this, he immediately blurted out: “Comrade Interpol, she gave me a fake check for 100 million Dollar!”

Don Albert nodded and said coldly: “Her intention is to induce you to disturb your daughter’s marriage first, and then ask you to go to the bank with a fake check to exchange it. Then the bank will definitely call the police. You will definitely be sent back to p****n for fraud.”

After that, Don Albert paused and said, “It’s just that you were let out by chance last time. If you go in again this time, you will not be so lucky. It is very likely that you will be the same as her three women. Sentenced to life imprisonment!”

When Elaine heard this, she felt a chill in her back! I screamed in my heart: “My g*d! Fortunately, my mother has learned the skills. When I saw Caroline, this stinky lady giving her a check, she guessed that she must be a liar to the Lady. Sure enough! My mother is really stupid. I’m afraid I’ll be imprisoned in a blink of an eye!”


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