The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1911

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1911 – Donald opened Cynthia’s Hermes with fear.

Inside, in addition to the checkbook, there is indeed a badge of Cynthia’s name.

People’s name badges are usually not carved by ordinary people, and there is no need to use them.

But if it is an enterprise leader or senior management, almost everyone must.

A lot of money-related businesses need a corresponding name stamp, especially cash checks.

Moreover, the font of the name seal is generally unconventional, so Donald can clearly see that the words “Cynthia Wade” are engraved on this seal.

Seeing Cynthia’s name badge, Donald’s blood pressure rose instantly and he could barely stand.

In the next moment, he even had the desire to d*e.

This feeling is like asking the Wilson family and his son to catch a dog, but when the other party catches the dog, he still catches a tiger in confusion.

The key is that behind this tiger, there is also an extremely powerful family.

Donald cried angrily in his heart: “What the h**l is this! I just want to teach Elaine how to tie the young lady of the Wade family… Come join in the fun! This is a good thing Christopher, Harold and his son did, but Cynthia took me as the mastermind as soon as I came…”

At this moment, Cynthia saw that Donald’s expression was very complicated, and he knew clearly that he should believe in his identity, so he hurriedly said: “Mr. Webb, I know that you really want to tie Elaine, not me, between us. But it’s just a misunderstanding. As long as you let me go, I will definitely not pursue what happened today. In the future, I will promote the cooperation between the Wade family and the Webb family. What do you think?”

Hearing this, Donald’s heart was more or less moved.

Judging from today’s things alone, I have nothing more than two choices.

The first one is to do nothing but to k**l Cynthia directly;

The second is to quickly rein in the cliff, perhaps the Wade Family can still give themselves a chance.

If you choose the first one, you must have a prerequisite, that is, after you k**l Cynthia, you must ensure that the Wade family cannot find yourself.

So he beckoned to Christopher, and said coldly: “Old Wilson, come, take a step to speak.”

Christopher hurriedly followed up.

Christopher took him to the door of the warehouse and asked in a low voice, “Did you deliberately avoid surveillance on the way you tied these two women?”

“No.” Christopher shook his head and said: “After we tied them up from the beauty salon, the driver navigated directly here, and the route they took was all the route planned by the navigation…”

Donald’s legs softened and he almost couldn’t stand firm.

Christopher hurriedly supported him and asked, “Mr. Webb, what’s wrong with you?”

Donald opened his hand and asked angrily: “You didn’t find a hidden place to change your car on the way you came?”

“Change the car?” Christopher asked in astonishment: “Mr. Webb, I don’t think this is necessary, right? Isn’t it just two stinky ladies? Just tuck it into the car and pull it over?”

As he said, Christopher reminded him: “Mr. Webb, I always feel that the lady named Cynthia has something wrong with her, but her mouth can be fooled. I almost believed what I just said, but I was careful. After thinking about it, I still feel that something is wrong!”


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