The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1909

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1909 – At this moment, an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city.

Cynthia, who had not dared to reveal her identity, couldn’t take care of that much now.

Seeing that Donald had never believed in herself, she hurriedly blurted out, “Mr. Webb, I really am the eldest daughter of the Wade family of Eastcliff. As for you just mentioned that Charlie grew up in the orphanage, I don’t deny that. This is mainly because Charlie’s situation is very special. His father was Bruce Wade, the famous Eastcliff Tiger back then. You should have heard of this, right?”

Donald felt a little in his heart.

He secretly thought: “Bruce?! This is my idol when I was young! The Bruce Wade back then, with his own power, made the Wade family stand on top of the country, even straight away, and even suppressed the old European and American family Rothschild. The arrogance of the Rothschild family, that man, in the domestic business world, was a godlike existence! It is a pity that Bruce died young, otherwise the future is boundless…”

Thinking of this, he frowned and looked at Cynthia, and asked, “You said Charlie is Bruce’s son?! What evidence is there?!”

Cynthia blurted out: “Don’t you think that the two of them look very alike? The two are simply carved out of the same mold. What kind of evidence is needed…”

Donald said coldly: “What you said is just nonsense! I don’t even know what Bruce looks like!”

Bruce passed away eighteen years ago. At that time, the Internet in China had just started. He usually relied on TV and newspapers to obtain information.

However, families like the Wade family generally do not report directly on TV and newspapers, so things about these big families are basically passed on by word of mouth from the upper class.

At that time, Donald was in Eastcliff again, so he never had a chance to see Bruce. He just heard about Bruce’s many deeds.

So, how did he know that Charlie and Bruce looked the same.

Cynthia had no choice but to say: “You also read my ID card just now. My name is Cynthia, a native of Eastcliff. The word ’Wade’ is my surname. I have two The elder brother, the two younger brothers, the eldest brother Corran, the second brother Bruce, the third brother Myles, the fourth brother William, and the younger sister named Ciara, these are all true! I am really the Wade family!”

Donald frowned.

Bruce has long been like a thunderbolt, and Cynthia has also heard about it.

He couldn’t help muttering in his heart: “Is what this woman said is true?! If so, didn’t I cause a catastrophe? If the Wade family is investigated by that time, the Webb family is afraid that the family will be ruined. !”

Seeing Donald’s expression of uncertainties, and the nervousness that could not be concealed, Harold on the side was a little startled.

He asked Christopher in a low voice, “Dad, you said Charlie’s hanging silk, isn’t it really a member of the Wade family?”

Christopher frowned and said seriously: “This…I don’t know. It sounds impossible at first, but when I think about it, it doesn’t seem to be a fake, otherwise, where did this woman emerge from? Are you here? Even if she is not Charlie’s aunt, at least she has a certain connection with Charlie!”

Harold nodded repeatedly: “It makes sense!”

Elaine was also in a cloud at this time.

She had sneered at all that Cynthia said, but the more Cynthia said, the more truth she felt.

She couldn’t help but wondered in her heart: “Mom, is my son-in-law really the young master of the top big family?! If this is true, won’t I have to become so prosperous in the future?!”

Elaine suddenly became excited. However, after a while, the excitement in her heart was immediately replaced by despair.

She looked at the menacing people around her, and wailed in her heart: “Oh, why is my life so bitter? Finally, my son-in-law has great ability, but I was tied up by these b******s, in case they really give me away. What can I do after entering the black brick kiln? Will Charlie come back and save me?!”


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