The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1904

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1904 – This time I heard that Christopher wanted to a****k Charlie’s mother-in-law first. Donald was naturally very happy. For fear of missing the show, he asked his men to drive and drive over to watch the live broadcast.

As soon as he arrived, Harold ran to open the door of the warehouse himself, and let the Rolls Royce in Donald drive in.

Christopher walked out of the car door excitedly and took the initiative to open the rear seat door for Donald.

As soon as the door opened, Christopher bowed very humbly and said, “Mr. Webb, you are here!”

Donald nodded and saw Elaine tied back to back with Cynthia on the ground. He sneered and said, “This is Charlie’s mother-in-law, right?”

“Yes!” Christopher said with a bit of bitterness: “This girl, the number one vixen in the universe, is as cheap as a bone! I’ll get her to be done later, and I’ll help Mr. Webb! “

When Elaine heard this, he hurriedly begged in fright: “I beg you to let me go, I have no grievances with you, why do you treat me like this…”

Donald shouted coldly: “I have no grievances or hatreds? Do you know that your son-in-law Charlie is my unshakable vengeance?! Today you fell into my hands, don’t blame my cruel heart, blame it You found yourself a good son-in-law!”

Elaine was about to collapse and cried out, “I was wronged! Charlie is not the son-in-law I found for myself, but the live-in son-in-law hired by Christopher’s father for the Wilson family. I strongly opposed it at the beginning, but the old man didn’t listen to me. Yeah!”

Donald said contemptuously: “Don’t f*cking talk to me about this nonsense, as long as it is the people around Charlie, they will be a thorn in my eye and a thorn in my flesh!”

As he said, his expression was a little excited, but he said with some regret: “It’s a pity, you are only Charlie’s mother-in-law, not Charlie’s immediate family member. If you can find a Charlie’s immediate family member first, then you will be in front of Charlie. Just k**l her with one knife!”

As soon as Donald said this, Elaine felt that the woman tied to him behind her trembled violently.

Cynthia almost freaked out at this moment.

She originally thought that she was unlucky enough to meet Elaine, a b*tch woman’s enemy.

But now she realized that what she had encountered was not Elaine’s enemy, but Charlie’s enemy!

Moreover, the other party is still regretting that he has no chance to k**l a Charlie’s immediate family…

Isn’t she an immediate family member of Charlie? I am Charlie’s aunt!

At this time, Donald looked at Christopher and said, “Old Wilson, when can you tie Charlie’s wife?”

When Christopher heard this, he said with some embarrassment: “Mr. Webb, what Claire said is also my niece, I can’t make this hand…”

Donald waved his hand: “I didn’t want to k**l his wife! His wife is going to stay in the second to last. Before k*****g Charlie, k**l him in front of Charlie!”

As he said, Donald paused slightly, and then said: “I mean, first k**l an immediate family member who is related to Charlie and get addicted. He has no parents, so there is no such thing as Seven Aunts and Eight Aunts. Kind of?”

Christopher thought about it for a while and said, “Charlie has always been an orphan. I have never heard of his immediate family members. He should have died long ago!”

Donald sighed: “That’s really a shame!”

At this moment, Elaine suddenly had an idea, and blurted out: “I know I know! Charlie has an immediate family member! The stinky lady who is tied to me is Charlie’s aunt! If you hate Charlie, just take K**l her, k**l her, it’s definitely more useful than k*****g me!”

Cynthia was so scared that she almost had cardiac arrest!

She cried desperately in her heart: “When I came out, my father still confessed to me. But don’t let Elaine know that I am the identity of the Wade family. What’s afraid is that Elaine knows that she is the Wade family, so the lion speaks loudly.. …. So, how did Elaine know that she is an Aunt to Charlie?!”


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