The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1901

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1901 – Under Charlie’s order, the entire Aurous Hill Underground World was dispatched almost at this instant.

Don Albert even took to the streets in person, looking for clues to Elaine with his men.

Harold didn’t know this at this time.

He just wanted to take revenge on Elaine, and then send her to the black brick kiln to work for a lifetime. This will not only suppress the arrogance of Charlie and Claire, but also avenge himself and mother.

Christopher was also very excited.

His hatred for Elaine has already reached a peak.

Of the four of Charlie’s family, he hates Elaine the most!

The reason why I hate Elaine so much is mainly because Hannah was sent to the black coal kiln, because Elaine, and Hannah was pregnant in the black coal kiln and infected herself with a venereal disease.

That’s fine, but this Elaine has to hang dozens of green hats on the wall to disgust him, so that he will never forget the harm Hannah has brought to him, and he will always feel green on his head. As time continues to increase, it is no longer a common practice!

At this time, the father and son, together with their accomplices, dragged Elaine and Cynthia to the abandoned warehouse in the suburbs.

Because the warehouse is large, the van can be driven directly into the warehouse.

As soon as the car stopped, Harold jumped out of the car first, and then dragged Elaine out of the car.

Christopher looked at Elaine on the ground with a sneer, and said with a sneer: “Elaine, Elaine, you never dreamt that you would have a f*cking today?”

Elaine was terrified, but because her mouth was blocked, she couldn’t speak and could only sob loudly.

Christopher directly tore off the towel from her mouth.

Elaine blurted out immediately: “Christopher! You are so f*cking tired and crooked, dare to kidnap your Lady?! Believe it or not, my son-in-law Charlie, can blow your head anytime!”

“Huh?” Christopher raised his hand and slapped Elaine, angrily said, “It’s all about this time, so f*cking act with me? You think you are on your terrace now, don’t you?”

Elaine is a master who cannot afford to lose. Seeing that he dared to beat herself, she immediately furiously said: “Christopher, you wait! My son-in-law knows many people with good looks in Aurous Hill, and he will definitely teach you a lot!”

Christopher sneered and said: “Do you still expect Charlie to teach us? I tell you, today I tied you here for two main purposes. First, let a few young people have fun with you, and take some videos to post. Online, let you and your family be ruined; second, send you to the black brick factory to b**n the kiln and move bricks for a lifetime! How did you deal with Hannah in the first place, I will now get it back hundreds of times!”

As soon as Elaine heard this, she was so frightened!

She really did not expect that Christopher would have such a vicious plan!

So, she immediately persuaded her and choked: “Brother, you shouldn’t hate me so much. It was not me who wanted to harm my sister in the first place. It was my sister who wanted to harm me. Ask yourself if you didn’t want to pit me. My son-in-law’s villa, I can’t do it against you!”

Christopher raised his hand and slapped it again, yelling, “Then you hung so many green hats on your terrace, how do you explain?”

Elaine hurriedly said, “I was really wrong about that, eldest brother, you think I am your younger siblings, please spare me this time, I will definitely collect all the green hats after I go back. Do not stay!”

Christopher coldly snorted: “Now I know that I confessed my mistake? I tell you, it’s too late! I don’t want to save you this time!”

Harold on the side came over and asked in a low voice, “Dad, when should we let people do it?”

Christopher said: “Don’t worry, when Mr. Webb comes over, Mr. Webb will have to witness it with his own eyes!”


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