The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 190

Read The Amazing Son in Law [by Lord Leaf] Chapter 190 – Everyone in the courtyard was shocked at this time.

The baton was made out of the hardest yellow elmwood and was extremely tough. Even two sturdy men would find it very difficult to break this baton even if they used all of their strength.

However, in Charlie Wade’s hands, the baton appeared to be as weak as a

strand of noodles!

After practicing the fighting skills in the , Charlie Wade’s strength had already significantly increased, and so, these bodyguards did not pose a threat to him at all.

Jacob Wilson heaved a huge sigh of relief when he saw that Charlie Wade had already taken action.

He did not expect his son-in-law to be so capable! It seemed as though the three of them would be able to leave the Wilson family villa safely today.

The bodyguards at the Wilson family villa were all hired by Christopher, and he was very confident with their skills. However, the bodyguards were a little flustered when they saw how strong Charlie Wade was.

Christopher grit his teeth before saying, “Charlie Wade! I really did not expect you to have some fighting skills, but let me see how you are going to deal with so many people at once! I want all of you to a****k him right now!”

“Yes! A****k him together! You can even k**l him if you want to!” Harold

yelled as he ground his teeth in anger.

He had already suffered a loss because of Charlie Wade not too long ago, therefore, he planned to get his revenge today.

The group of bodyguards quickly rushed at Charlie Wade as soon as they received the command to do so.

Charlie Wade had an indifferent expression on his face and simply ignored them. However, when a few bodyguards suddenly rushed toward the three of them, Charlie Wade raised his foot and kicked two of the bodyguards in one strike.

Immediately afterward, he threw out a few more punches and instantly knocked out all the bodyguards who had rushed directly at him.

Claire Wilson Wilson was standing beside him, and she was utterly stunned. She really did not expect Charlie Wade to be so strong and manly.

When Jacob Wilson saw the shocked expression on Claire Wilson Wilson’s face, he quickly explained, “Claire Wilson Wilson, when you go to work, Charlie Wade would always practice how to fight by watching television at home.”

“He is learning how to fight?”

Claire Wilson Wilson was really impressed by this.

Jacob Wilson continued explaining, “Charlie Wade is very resourceful. Mr. Graham also apologized to him because of his skills in the past!”

Jacob Wilson suddenly felt a little guilty when he saw Charlie Wade dealing with the bodyguards all by himself.

After all, the Wilson family had always underestimated Charlie Wade, only ever asking him to stay at home so that he could buy vegetables to cook and do the laundry for the family. However, Jacob Wilson knew that Charlie Wade was still a man, and he had his own pride and dignity too.

Which man would be willing to wash the dishes and do the laundry for the family for his entire life?

It seemed as though the Wilson family had really mistreated Charlie Wade.

Meanwhile, Charlie Wade fought and defeated all the bodyguards without any fear at all, turning the situation in the courtyard extremely chaotic.

Wendy and Lady Wilson had also run into the house to seek shelter a long time ago, but all the men were still waiting in the courtyard.

Harold looked extremely annoyed because he had never expected Charlie Wade to be so skillful. After seeing that Charlie Wade had already gained the upper hand, Harold grit his teeth as he bent over and picked up an ax before he secretly walked over to Charlie Wade. While Charlie Wade was focused on fighting one of the bodyguards, Harold quickly swung the ax in his direction.

“Charlie Wade, be careful!”

Claire Wilson Wilson screamed when she saw the bright reflection of the ax under the sun.

“D*mn it! You are just a piece of trash! I am going to k**l you today!”

Harold rushed toward Charlie Wade, hatred filling up his heart.

Jacob Wilson was so frightened at this time, and his legs felt so weak that he almost collapsed to the ground.

They… they wanted to take Charlie Wade’s life!

Right then, Harold swung the ax at Charlie Wade once again.

However, Charlie Wade’s reflexes were swift, and he raised his hand before stopping the ax with two fingers as he turned around to glare at Harold.

Harold was shocked, and he used all of his strength to try and take the ax back from Charlie Wade.

Unexpectedly, even with just two fingers, Charlie Wade’s grip was

exceptionally strong, and Harold could not move the ax at all.

Unable to do anything, Harold started sweating, and he yelled, “You piece of trash, let go now!”

Charlie Wade stared at him before he sneered, “Harold, I think you should know better than anyone else that you are the piece of thrash!”