The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1856

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1856 – “Yes! Surrender!”

“Leave the green hills, I’m not afraid that there will be no firewood!”

Zayne on the phone also gave a long sigh and said to Xion: “Xion, surrender, I will do everything possible to mediate with the Japanese side, and I will rescue you anyway…”

The string in Xion’s mind was finally loosened. Although he was still unwilling, he nodded and said, “Patriarch, I know… you take care, if you can’t Serving you is in control…”

Zayne was heartbroken, but he could only speak, “Trust me, I will definitely save you!”

“Well! If you believe it!”

Xion said angrily, then hung up the phone and said to the flight attendant: “Okay, open the hatch!”

The flight attendant nodded immediately and opened the four front and rear hatches one after another.

Afterwards, I heard people shouting outside: “Everyone put their hands on top of their heads and lined up to walk down the spiral staircase. Anyone who dares to play tricks will be k****d on the spot!”

Xion sighed, stood up, and said to everyone with a sad expression: “It is also fate for everyone to work together, I hope you can take care of yourself!”

After speaking, she raised her hands above her head, and stepped out of the hatch first.

Outside the cabin, the helicopter kept roaring overhead, and the huge wind blew Xion’s long hair and clothes.

Countless guns were pointed at her below, and someone shouted: “Go down slowly, put your hands on your head and let us see!”

Xion could only do so.

The moment she stepped down the spiral staircase, she was also flustered for her unknown future.

Because she didn’t know what the end of waiting for herself was.

After all, she is the principal culprit. After being arrested, others will definitely confess their identity as the principal culprit.

If nothing else, the d***h penalty must be waiting for her. Unless Zayne can really save her, she will undoubtedly d*e.

When she stepped down the spiral staircase, several heavily armed self-defense team members rushed up and pressed her to the ground, then put her hands behind her back, and handcuffed them in handcuffs.

Immediately afterwards, the remaining fifty or so people stepped off the plane one after another, all of them were handcuffed back and squatting on the ground, the heads of the assault rifles against the back of the head.

Even the crew members were not spared, they were all caught by their accomplices.

Charlie stood in the cockpit of the plane behind, sneer in his heart as he watched the Banks Family get swept away.

These fifty-odd people are the claws and fangs of the Banks Family.

Now that they are all in the hands of the Japanese government, the Banks Family’s vitality is greatly injured.

Banks Family, I, Charlie, will definitely let you pay the price for the Anti-Leaf Alliance back then!


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