The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1855

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1855 – At the time when the two sides were deadlocked, the head of Japan’s homeland security department had already flown to Osaka Airport by special plane.

With him, there was the Director of the Tokyo Warning Agency.

Originally, they were under tremendous pressure and carried out a carpet investigation in Tokyo. They tried their best to catch a group of murderers, so that they could give the people an explanation and the high-level officials.

But what I didn’t expect was that these murderers were more cunning than the foxes, and left no useful clues at all.

When they originally wanted to continue to expand their search range, they suddenly received a message from a mysterious man saying that the m******r had arrived in Osaka and would return to China by plane from Osaka. This shocked the people of the Department of Homeland Security!

If this group of people is really allowed to run away, this sensational massacre that caused a sensation across the country may not be broken for a lifetime.

At that time, the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department and the Homeland Security Department will be completely thrown into the face, and even be scolded by thousands of people.

Therefore, the Homeland Security Department immediately made a decision to directly take over the case from the Metropolitan Police Department, and then notify the Self-Defense Forces in Osaka to take over and prevent the plane from taking off at all costs.

The Japanese Self-Defense Force has tens of thousands of troops stationed in Osaka. Upon receiving instructions from the Homeland Security Bureau, they immediately dispatched the most powerful special forces to Osaka Airport.

Moreover, the Homeland Security Department even made an emergency plan to prepare a fighter squadron.

If the special forces fail to stop the private jet and allow it to take off, the Japanese Self-Defense Force’s f35 fighter jet will immediately take off, trying to force it to return to Osaka Airport and land before it leaves Japan’s airspace.

At this time, the special plane of the Department of Homeland Security just stopped, the person in charge immediately picked up the phone and asked: “How is the situation on the scene now? Is the other party’s plane under control?!”

On the phone, the voice of the operational commander came immediately: “Now the opponent’s aircraft is surrounded by our square-wheeled armored vehicles, and there is no possibility of breaking through, but the opponent has not yet been captured, we are already preparing for a storm!”

“Okay!” The head of the Department of Homeland Security gritted his teeth and said, “Give them one more minute. If they don’t surrender obediently, immediately carry out a live ammunition a****k! This time we must k**l these cruel desperadoes in one fell swoop and give it to all of Japan. The people will explain!”

Following his order, four boarding vehicles with boarding ladders slowly drove towards Banks’ plane from both sides.

Four combat squads with live ammunition have assembled under the plane. Once the boarding car is aimed at the cabin door, they will quickly rush up, blow up the cabin door, and use flash bombs and tear gas to conduct the first round of a****k.

Their firearms have also been inspected. The all-American assault rifles have very powerful firepower. Once the fire is exchanged, these Banks Family’s subordinates have no power to parry.

At this time, Xion, through the window, saw the boarding car approaching, she was already extremely nervous, but she still didn’t think about what to do.

Someone around me panicked and proposed: “Let’s open the hatch and surrender honestly. If they a****k by force, the bullet will not be long-sighted!”

“Surrender?!” Someone immediately scolded angrily: “D**n! I k****d four of the Matsumoto family alone. Isn’t surrendering to d***h? He will definitely be sentenced to d***h by then!”

“The d***h penalty does not matter!” Another person blurted out: “The e*******n cycle of the d***h penalty in Japan is very long. Do you know the Shinrikyo who committed t*******t attacks at Tokyo subway stations before? Their leader Shoko Asahara used sand in 1995. Lin Duchi attacked the Tokyo subway and shocked the world, but he was not executed until 2018, and it has been delayed for more than 20 years! Even if we are sentenced to d***h, we can at least live in p****n for more than ten or twenty years. It’s better than being shot to d***h right now, right?”

“Yes!” Someone stood up, clenched a fist and said, “With our strength, even if we go to p****n, we can definitely become a hegemon in the p****n. No one wants to bully us. Then we can live even in p****n. Very comfortable, why don’t you think about it now?”

The conversation between these people immediately convinced most people. If you can live, no one is willing to give up the hope of survival. Even living in p****n is much better than d***g on the spot.

So everyone looked at Xion and blurted out: “Miss Xion, let’s surrender!”


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