The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1851

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1851 – Soon, the plane took off from Tokyo Airport. An hour later, we landed at Osaka Airport on time. When the plane landed, according to the usual practice, let first-class guests get off the plane first. Xion didn’t have any luggage and was sitting in a row outside, so as soon as the plane stopped, she immediately got up and walked directly to the door.

As soon as the cabin door opened, Xion stepped out. In order to avoid long nights and dreams, the plane arranged by the Banks Family will take off in half an hour, so she needs to go to the business jet terminal and go through the security check again. To reach the hangar of the private jet.

The duty process of private jets is different from that of ordinary civil aviation, and ordinary terminals only serve ordinary civil aviation passengers.

As long as the customized passengers take private jets or business jets, they all go through the security check and boarding at the business jet terminal.

When Charlie walked out of the hatch carrying the suitcase, Xion was no longer in the long reach.

Charlie couldn’t help but smiled and thought to himself: “I want to go back so anxiously? The more anxious you want to go back, the less I don’t want you to go back.”

Thinking of this, he himself walked slowly to the business jet terminal while taking out his mobile phone and asked Isaac Cameron: “Isaac, how are things arranged to explain you?”

Isaac Cameron smiled and said, “Master, don’t worry, I have everything ready.”

Charlie snorted and said, “You pay attention to the situation, I will be here soon.”

“Good master!”

When Charlie arrived at the business jet terminal and passed the security check smoothly, Isaac Cameron had been waiting in the terminal for a long time.

Seeing Charlie, he immediately stepped forward and whispered to him: “Master, everyone else has already boarded the plane. The woman in black clothes you mentioned on WeChat, I just saw her. After passing the security check, I made a shuttle bus and went to Hangar No. 12. The plane parked there is the one you found out!”

After speaking, he said again: “Oh, yes, our plane is parked in Hangar 13 next to them, and the departure time we requested is just behind them, and their plane will be in front of us in a moment. One.”

“Okay!” Charlie laughed and said, “Go, go to the hangar first, and wait for a good show!”

Later, Charlie and Isaac Cameron boarded a VIP shuttle bus and went to Hangar 13 together.

The shuttle bus drove all the way into the hangar, and the Gulfstream airliner that arrived was already waiting here.

When the plane sent Charlie and the others to Japan, they first flew to Tokyo, and then flew directly to Osaka to wait. During this time, they never left Osaka.

Seeing Charlie’s arrival, Don Albert, Liam and others hurriedly got off the plane before Charlie arrived, and respectfully guarded outside the cabin door.

After Charlie got out of the car, everyone called Master Wade, and then bowed deeply together.

Charlie waved at them and said, “Don’t engage in these etiquettes, board the plane quickly, I’m still waiting for a good show!”

After all, he has already taken the lead in boarding the plane. Seeing this, other people hurriedly followed.

After everyone boarded the plane, the flight attendant immediately closed the door, and then asked Isaac Cameron for instructions: “Mr. Wade, can the plane be launched?”

Isaac Cameron glanced at Charlie, and when he saw Charlie nodding, he immediately said to the flight attendant: “Let’s launch it now!”

Subsequently, the aircraft was slowly pushed out of the hangar by ground vehicles.

The captain reported the situation to the tower and requested takeoff arrangements by the way. The tower responded to the instructions and informed the captain that there was a private jet going to Highland Falls in front of them and asked the captain to queue behind him to go to the runway.


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