The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1801

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1801 – At this moment, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

The chief of the Metropolitan Police Department finally breathed a sigh of relief when he learned that Yuhiko Ito had been taken to the hospital and his life was not in danger.

He took out a cigarette and knocked on the cigarette case to make the tobacco tighter. Then he took out the lighter and lit the cigarette and took a puff.

After a while, he sighed: “Oh, it seems that this strange day is finally coming to an end…”

The person next to him hurriedly said: “Director, the Banks Family brothers and sisters have not been found…”

The director of the Metropolitan Police Department immediately said angrily: “Can’t you add more traffic to me? The Banks brothers and sisters are still in a state of unclear life and d***h for the time being!”

With that said, he added: “Unknown life and d***h means that you don’t know whether you are d**d or alive. At least you can’t be sure that you are d**d. My request tonight is very simple. Don’t tell me that someone has died, I’m satisfied. , Wait until tomorrow!”

The person next to him nodded quickly and said, “Minister, you have been working hard all day and night, or you should go home and rest first.”

“Yeah.” The director of the Metropolitan Police Department took a breath and said, “I want to go back and take a good rest.”

Just as he was about to leave the Metropolitan Police Department, someone suddenly ran in in a panic and blurted out: “Director, Director! Something happened, Director!”

The chief of the Metropolitan Police Department was going crazy and blurted out: “What happened again?!”

The other party said breathlessly: “It’s Matsu…Matsumoto…Something happened to the Matsumoto’s family!”

The chief of the Metropolitan Police Department was dumbfounded and said: “First it was Machi Takahashi, then Yuhiko Ito, and now it’s Matsumoto, why the h**l did you breathe? You say! What happened to Matsumoto? He’s still alive. ?”

In his opinion, as long as people are still alive, it doesn’t matter if they are injured or disabled. Anyway, his only requirement is to stop d***g.

As a result, the other party said with a horrified expression: “Director, something has happened to the Matsumoto family! There are more than 30 people in the family, all…all d**d…”


When the Metropolitan Police Department heard this, he threw away the cigarette butt in despair, grabbed his hair with both hands, and collapsed and said, “I’m the f*cking going to split!!! What the h**l is going on?! Is this still the Tokyo I am familiar with?! Why is it so endless?!”

The other party was also very collapsed, blurting out: “Tonight, the Matsumoto house suddenly lit a fire. After the firefighters put out the fire, they found that everyone in the Matsumoto house was lying neatly in the living room and b****d beyond recognition. Arson, let’s not mention how tragic the scene was. Many firefighters vomited into the hospital!”

Upon hearing this, the chief of the Metropolitan Police Department felt his blood pressure surge immediately, and murmured: “I… my f*cking… I…”

Before finishing speaking, the whole person’s eyes went dark and he passed out completely.


At the same time the ancient city of Kyoto.

Charlie and Nanako Ito strolled for a long time in the snow.

During the period, Nanako Ito told Charlie that since she came to Kyoto to recuperate from her injury, she had stayed in the mansion and never went out, so she wanted to go out for a walk.

So Charlie took her and left the Ito mansion quietly over the wall, walking hand in hand through the streets of Kyoto.


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