The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1768

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1768 – “Charlie…”

Nanako Ito choked, then turned the wheel of the wheelchair with both hands and came towards Charlie.

Charlie took a few steps quickly, came to her, and asked, “Miss Ito, are you okay?”

“It’s okay, I’m okay…” Nanako Ito shook her head, and then she couldn’t control her face and started crying.

At this moment, her biggest feeling was not the rest of her life, but the great surprise that Charlie’s sudden appearance brought her.

Seeing her crying as if she was emotionally out of control, Charlie couldn’t help but stretched out her hand and gently touched the back of her cold hand, softly comforting: “Miss Ito, stop crying, it’s all right.”

Nanako Ito wiped away her tears, shook her head and said, “I didn’t cry for what happened just now…”

After finishing speaking, she raised her head, did not hide the deep love in her eyes, choked up and asked: “Charlie, why are you coming to Kyoto?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “I came to Japan to do something. I just arrived in Osaka. I thought that Osaka is quite close to you, so I came to see you.”

When Nanako Ito heard this, the sweetness in her heart seemed to melt away instantly.

She asked excitedly: “Charlie, you…you came to see me because you missed me?”

“Uh…” Charlie was asked by her.

I wanted to find an excuse to conceal it, but suddenly I felt that I came here so far. This action is the most honest answer. At this time, what else can I lie?

So, he nodded lightly, and said somewhat unnaturally: “Forget it…”

Nanako Ito was so happy to hear this!

Although there were still tears in the corners of her eyes, she smiled and said with great joy: “I didn’t expect Charlie to still think of me…this is…this really surprises me… ..”

Then she hurriedly asked Charlie: “Charlie, how do you know that I am in Kyoto?”

Charlie said: “I met Koichi Tanaka at Eastcliff Airport a few days ago and he told me.”

“That’s it!” Nanako Ito said shyly: “Charlie, thank you for remembering me, and thank you for saving my life today…”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “You don’t need to be so polite, just raise your hand.”

After speaking, Charlie asked her again: “I think you have been sitting in a wheelchair, haven’t your body recovered yet?”

“Yes.” Nanako Ito nodded gently: “Since the last time I finished the game with Aurora, I was seriously injured. I was treated in Tokyo for a period of time. I was out of danger, but my body still failed to recover. The injury may be possible. It takes a long period of recuperation to get better.”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “Actually, I came to see you this time mainly to help you heal your injury. I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing…”

Nanako Ito smiled gratefully, and said softly, “Charlie, my injury has been seen by the best doctors in Japan. What they mean is that it is very rare to save my face. With existing medical methods, it is very difficult. Let me recover again. If I can get rid of the wheelchair in a few years, it will be considered a medical miracle.”

After that, Nanako Ito raised her head again, staring at Charlie with fiery eyes, and said seriously: “Charlie, you can come to see me, I am already very moved, this is more important than getting me to stand up again or to recover. …..”

“You don’t know how much I miss you during this period of time, even I can’t believe it, my biggest wish for such a long time is not to be able to recover, but to see you again…”

At this point, Nanako Ito mustered up the courage, took Charlie’s hand, and said affectionately: “Thank you, Charlie! You are here, it is Nanako’s blessing, if I can hold hands with you in this place. Walking in the snow for a while, you will have no regrets in this life…”

Seeing her gentle eyes, Charlie felt a little distressed in his heart. He looked at Nanako Ito and said very seriously: “Nanako, I have a way for you to heal you and restore you to the beginning!”


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