The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1761

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1761 – Just when Nanako Ito looked up at the sky and missed Charlie in her heart.

Charlie, who was hiding on the wall, finally saw the moving figure in the courtyard below.

He bypassed the security of Ito’s mansion and circled the Ito family’s mansion halfway around the fence, only then saw Nanako Ito, who was always concerned about him.

Seeing Nanako Ito wearing a kimono with a light bun, Charlie couldn’t help sighing: “It is said that Nanako Ito is a standard Nanako Ito. It is indeed no exaggeration. She is definitely the most beautiful and perfect Japanese woman he has ever seen..”

However, the wheelchair under Nanako Ito made Charlie a little bit embarrassed.

She could have not participated in the final with Aurora, and could also admit defeat and end the game early in the game, but she had to persist to the end, which caused great physical trauma to her body.

At this moment, Charlie wanted to jump in directly from the wall and meet her next to her, but when he thought of using this kind of gentleman’s way, he suddenly appeared in front of her, it might be a little embarrassing.

If she is scared by herself, how can he explain it?

If she asks herself why, how can he explain it?

Charlie, who has always had an excellent psychological quality, hesitated at this moment.

At the same time, in Tokyo, hundreds of kilometers away.

Matsumoto, who is hiding in the dark, is still continuing his cruel game.

While letting the subordinates who held Fitz and Zara brothers and sisters wait for an opportunity to come and k**l others, he let another wave of people start a new round of planning in Tokyo.

He is like the Joker in “Batman: The Dark Knight”, intending to play with everyone, and then gradually divide them and k**l them one by one.

This time, his target was Takahashi Eiji.

He felt that it was just that when Fitz and Zara were kidnapped, they left a little trouble for their two families, and this was not enough to make the two families completely turned their faces.

Therefore, he wanted to add a b****y feud between these two families.

Only blood and blood will make people lose all their sanity and become extremely crazy.

So, in this evening, he stretched his claws towards Takahashi Machi, whose arms had been dismantled.

Takahashi Eiji is a young man in his prime.

His arm injury and a cast will not affect his physical needs.

And he is usually in Tokyo, and he is also well-known as a young girl and a dandy. Many well-known actresses in Tokyo are his lovers and playthings.

Some time ago, he had just made a huge sum of money to acquire Hua Dan, the head of a popular Japanese girl group, and became his lover. It happened that the girl group was doing a variety show on TV Tokyo today.

Therefore, Takahashi Eiji intends to sneak out tonight and spend the night with her.

The other party is eager to establish a long-term relationship with him, and naturally she readily agrees.

So, under the stimulation of hormones, Eiji Takahashi scorned his father to let him stay at home and wait for the reminder of the storm to pass, and quietly arranged for his subordinates to drive him out of the house and head to the most luxurious high-end club in Shibuya, Tokyo.


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