The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1755

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1755 – Five hours later.

The sky is getting brighter.

In the sky of Tokyo, there was a touch of white fish.

A new day has begun. Many people wake up from a deep sleep, but many people never sleep.

The night that just passed, the entire Tokyo was almost turned upside down.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department dispatched all, and even seconded a large number of people from several nearby small cities. Not only did they find an earth-shaking situation in Tokyo, they also closed all the roads leading from Tokyo to the outside and set up cards for every vehicle leaving the city. Strictly searched, just to find the whereabouts of the Banks brother and sister.

Overnight, the entire Tokyo was under total martial law!

The keen media has already received news that the eldest grandson and eldest granddaughter of China’s first family were kidnapped in Tokyo, and dozens of entourages were k****d.

The explosion of this kind of news is unprecedented!

In the past, Tokyo has also encountered t*******t attacks and major criminal cases, but there has never been such a bad nature!

You know, the Banks Family is the richest and most powerful family in China.

They encountered such a serious criminal case in Japan, the nature of which even surpassed Bill Gates’ kidnapping in Tokyo.

The Banks Family also spent half the night in Tokyo.

This time, not only did the Banks Family have hundreds of hidden masters, but Zayne also came personally.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department attached great importance to the arrival of Zayne, and the director personally invited him to the Metropolitan Police Department to inform him of the investigation process of this case.

The so-called detection process of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is actually to bring Machi Takahashi and Yuhiko Ito to the Metropolitan Police Department for interrogation.

Because in their opinion, both of them are suspect.

Moreover, the two people feel that it must be the other party’s so-called, and they are harming themselves at the same time.

Yuhiko Ito felt that Takahashi must have deliberately wanted to use this incident to pour d***y water on the Ito family, so that the Banks Family can completely eradicate the Ito family;

Maki Takahashi felt that Yuhiko Ito must have felt that he couldn’t get the cooperation of the Banks Family and deliberately wanted to frame himself, so he left a ninja dart of the Tenglin family on the scene. This clearly shows that it is planting and setting the blame!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is also at a loss.

In their view, although the two men seemed to have certain motives, the Metropolitan Police Department could not find any substantive evidence.

The only evidence is the ninja dart left on the scene.

This ninja dart really belongs to the Tenglin family, and the Tenglin family is attached to the Takahashi family. This is something everyone in Tokyo’s upper class knows, and the Metropolitan Police Department naturally knows it.

However, this evidence is somewhat abrupt.

Because, no one was injured by the ninja dart at the scene where the ninja dart was found. The m******r was so professional that he k****d more than a dozen people without leaving a living mouth. Why did he leave a ninja dart that was useless at all?

This is likely to be a blindfold left by the other party.

Therefore, the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department said to Zayne: “Mr. Banks, we have to continue to investigate this matter. After all, it is difficult to explain the problem with a ninja dart alone, and it is very likely that the other party left us behind to confuse us. Smoke bombs!”

Zayne said with a black face to the director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department: “I don’t care if it is a smoke b**b! If the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department can find my son and daughter within 24 hours, and ensure their safety, this I can no longer pursue the matter to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, but if it exceeds 24 hours, or if there is any accident to my son or daughter, I will definitely announce the matter to the world! Let the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department completely discredit you!”

The head of the Metropolitan Police Department is as big as a fight.


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