The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1751

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1751 – At this moment, Charlie was walking on the streets of Osaka. This time he went out, he still did not let Isaac Cameron and others follow. The reason was that he wanted to take advantage of this time and directly eliminate the remaining three ninjas who were following him. Because Osaka was already the last stop of the business on his trip to Japan, he wanted to quickly get rid of these three followers, and then hurry up to visit Kyoto.

He deliberately led the three of Teng Lin Zhengzhe to leave the downtown area, preparing to find a suitable place to start.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the three people who had been quietly following him two or three hundred meters away suddenly began to turn their heads and walk back.

Charlie couldn’t help but wondered: “What’s the matter? They are not following me anymore, are they aware of something?”

“But it shouldn’t be. I alone did not show any intention to a****k. I have even been completely ignorant of their existence. They have no reason to notice anything abnormal.

“Is it because they are in a hurry? Or is it that Takahashi gave up letting them follow me?”

Thinking of this, Charlie sighed, turned around, and started following these three people in turn.

He didn’t want to leave any hidden dangers for himself. After all, these ninjas have been with him for so long. If he let them go like this, the ghost knows if they will come back again?

Even, the ghosts knew that after they left Japan, they would follow Aurous Hill to make trouble for themselves?

Aurous Hill has his own wife, Claire, who is her own weakness, saying nothing can put her in danger!

So, today, let these three people keep their lives!

Teng Lin Zhengzhe never thought that Charlie would follow them in turn. He always felt that Charlie should not have noticed their existence, so now he took the two juniors and ran all the way to the hotel.

It’s getting late now. It’s impossible to get from Osaka to Tokyo by Shinkansen or airplanes, so the best way is to drive all the way.

If you drive fast, you can reach Tokyo in five or six hours.

Therefore, they have to go back to the hotel to pick up the car, and then set off quickly to Tokyo.

The three people walked in a hurry all the way and arrived at the hotel quickly.

At the entrance of the hotel, Teng Lin Zhengzhe said: “Second, you come back to the room with me to pack things, and third, you go to the basement to pick up the car and wait at the entrance of the hotel. We will come down and meet you soon!”

“Okay!” The old third nodded, and the three men were divided into two groups. The two used the elevator to go upstairs to the room and simply packed the soft and monitoring equipment, and one took the elevator to the underground garage to pick up the car.

As soon as Teng Lin Zhengzhe entered the elevator, he hurriedly called to report to Takahashi Zhenzhi.

As soon as the phone call, he hurriedly said respectfully: “Mr. Takahashi, we will leave for Tokyo in five minutes, and we are expected to arrive in more than four hours! Please stay at home during these few hours. , Wait for everything to be said after we arrive.”

Takahashi said in a panic: “Tenglin, I asked someone to inquire about it. It is said that the other party’s methods are very fierce, and even the sarin gas is used. This is a f*cking lunatic! I am afraid of them now. Start with me, how many masters does your Tenglin family have in Tokyo? Quickly let them all come to my house to protect me!”

Teng Lin Zhengzhe hurriedly said: “Mr. Takahashi, we don’t have much manpower available in Tokyo now, because the remaining manpower has been sent to Kyoto and is staring at Nanako Ito. Should I tell them to rush back? “

Machi Takahashi hesitated for a moment, and then said: “No need! Leave them in Kyoto! As long as they can control Nanako Ito, I still have the capital to mediate with Yuhiko Ito! You can’t put eggs in the same cage! “

Teng Lin Zhengzhe immediately said: “Okay, then the three of us will go back first. We must protect your safety!”

At the same time, Teng Lin Zhengzhe’s third junior brother also got out of the elevator on the second basement floor and rushed all the way to the front of the car.

As soon as he unlocked the door to get into the car, he felt a sudden force of force grabbing his neck directly from behind!

Immediately afterwards, he saw someone using a shuriken to withstand his throat!

Moreover, he knows this shuriken! It is his little brother Tenglin Quintongtian owns!

He murmured in panic in his heart: “Could it be that this person is the one who k****d the younger brother?!”

He was shocked and blurted out: “Big brother for your life! Don’t k**l me!”

Charlie said coldly: “If you want to survive, just do as I say!”


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