The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1745

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1745 – The Kobayashi P************l production line in Nagoya has soon been able to produce qualified Nova Dias.

This is mainly because Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals itself is a top p************l company in Asia, with very advanced production lines, even more advanced than those of Oracle Pharmaceuticals.

Therefore, their production line switched to Oracle Nova Dias, as long as the formula and medicinal materials are in place, there is almost no difficulty.

After the production line went into normal operation, Charlie left Nagoya and headed to Osaka together with a group of people.

Because there is a Kyoto between Nagoya and Osaka, according to Charlie’s original plan, after Nagoya’s affairs are over, he plans to go to Kyoto and see Nanako Ito.

However, there are three ninjas following all the way right now, and he doesn’t want to bring these three people to Kyoto.

So, he planned to solve these three people in Osaka, and after all the troubles were dealt with, he went to see Nanako Ito.

After making this decision, he felt somewhat regretful.

I thought I could see Nanako Ito earlier, but I didn’t expect to wait until the end of the trip to Japan this time.

Charlie was more worried about her body, and didn’t know how she was injured now.

When Charlie left Nagoya, he found that Teng Lin Zhengzhe’s three ninjas seemed to be more low-key than before.

They doubled the distance to follow Charlie, and were completely afraid to approach him. On the one hand, it seemed that they were throwing a rat for the unknown whereabouts of Tenglin Quintongtian, and on the other hand, because they could not figure out who was secretly targeting them. So be more cautious.

The convoy drove onto the expressway and passed by Kyoto.

No one knows that the seemingly calm and quaint ancient city of Kyoto at this time has actually been undercurrents.

Maki Takahashi felt that Ito Yuihiko was secretly targeting him, so Teng Lin Zhengzhe transferred a group of ninjas from the family, who had already lurked to Kyoto secretly, and closely monitored the Ito family’s residence in Kyoto.

Once Machi Takahashi orders them, they can kidnap Nanako Ito or k**l Nanako Ito directly. And Yuihiko Ito was unaware of these at this time. At this time, he was meeting with Fitz and Zara in Tokyo.

However, the meeting process was not pleasant. Although Ito Yuhiko is very enthusiastic, he can also see that Fitz and Zara brothers and sisters seem to have come and walk through the scene.

Although the two brothers and sisters are also very polite and serious, and they talk very comprehensively, Ito Yuhiko always feels that, deep in their hearts, they are not very concerned about this cooperation.

At the meeting, he proposed to obtain a 35% share in the cooperation. Originally, he wanted to leave 5% room for counter-offer to the other party, and it would basically be possible to reach a consensus by letting the other party press down to 30%.

However, I did not expect Fitz to directly throw a sentence: “Mr. Ito, from the opinion of our Banks Family, if it is higher than 20%, we can’t think about it.”


Ito Yuhiko was immediately stunned, and exclaimed in his heart: “20%? This is too d**n dark!”


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