The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1742

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1742 – Hearing this, Zara’s expression became a bit solemn.

What I said just now was just to get angry with my father, but when I really thought of the figure of that man, Zara was quite worried for him.

Thinking that Machi Takahashi might not let him go easily, Zara blurted out: “Next time I have an interview with Machi Takahashi, I will warn him. If he dares to quietly a****k that man after the cooperation is reached, then I Terminate cooperation at any time!”

“Naughty!” Zayne sternly scolded, “As the representative of the Banks Family, everything must be based on the interests of the Banks Family. How can you let a strange man affect the interests of the Banks Family?! As long as we can get Takahashi Zhenzhi The biggest concession clause, what does the life and d***h of this strange man have to do with us?!”

Zara also moved a bit of anger, and argued for reason: “The man offended the Takahashi family to save a little girl from his compatriots. How can I let the Takahashi family k**l him?”

Zayne said disdainfully: “When the Takahashi family kills him, don’t you just look at it?”

Zara said angrily: “Dad! How can you do this?! Are there any principles and morals?”

“Principles and ethics?” Zayne said coldly: “My principles and ethics are for the interests of the Banks Family! For the interests of the Banks Family, I don’t need any principles and ethics!”


Zara was speechless.

Fitz hurriedly finished the game at this time: “Dad, Zara, we haven’t finished talking about our business, why are you two still arguing?”

Zayne said with a gloomy expression: “Okay, don’t talk about these meaningless things, Zara, you’re going to study the MBA, let’s discuss it after you come back.”

“No need to discuss.” Zara said with a very cold expression: “The admission notice of Harvard Business School has been sent to my mailbox. School starts in August, and I will leave in May.”

“You kid”

Zayne was about to say something. Fitz just received a call on his cell phone. The call was from an assistant who came to Tokyo with them.

The other party said in WeChat: “Young Master, the patriarch of the Matsumoto family in Tokyo, Ryoto Matsumoto begs to see you and the young lady at the hotel reception!

“The Matsumoto family?” Fitz frowned, “Is the Matsumoto family ranked third in Tokyo?”


Fitz looked at the video conference interface on the computer and asked, “Dad, Zara, Matsumoto, the Matsumoto family, want to see you, do you want to meet?”

Zayne said disdainfully: “As far as I know, the strength of the Matsumoto family is much worse than that of the Takahashi family and the Ito family. We only need to choose between the Takahashi family and the Ito family. There is no need to waste energy planting garbage.”

Fitz said to the assistant on the phone, “Reject the beloved Matsumoto, just say that I have taken a break and I will not see guests.”

Zara opened his mouth at this moment: “Brother, let’s see. This beloved Matsumoto still has some abilities. It is really not easy to bring the Matsumoto family together on his own, and as the saying goes. The smiley man, the patriarch of a family came to the hotel to see him personally. This has already put the figure very low. If we don’t even see it, it will be more or less justifiable.”

Zayne opened his mouth at this time: “Zara, you like to think more about things. This is good, but you can’t think about everything so much. It will be too late! If you see this beloved Matsumoto tonight, maybe tomorrow The 4th, 5th, and even the 40th and 50th families in Tokyo will come to the hotel to ask to see you. Can you handle it?”

“This” Zara didn’t know how to answer at once.

Zayne continued: “Okay, this matter is still up to your brother, reject it.”

Zara nodded: “Okay”


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