The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1723

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1723 – When Machi Takahashi made a decision in his heart, the operation of his son Eiji Takahashi had also been completed.

Seeing his son, who had his arms in cast, was pushed out of the operating room by the doctor, Takahashi’s heart twitched.

He wished to smash the body of the b*****d who injured his son immediately.

But thinking about it carefully, the most important thing now is to settle down the cooperation with the Banks Family, otherwise, if the Banks Family cooperates with the Ito family, it will be yourself that is unlucky.

So he didn’t dare to cause any trouble at this time, so he could only choose to bear it temporarily.

Fortunately, Teng Lin Zhengzhe has found the trace of the other party and is keeping a close eye on the other party. Therefore, he believes that this person has already pierced his wings and cannot escape. When will he d*e? It is a matter of time.

Takahashi Eiji had a local anesthesia in his arms, so his brain consciousness was still clear. Seeing his father waiting outside the operating room, he was moved and aggrieved, and tears immediately shed.

“My father, Yingji is not filial, which is causing you trouble!”

Maki Takahashi waved his hand and sighed: “You can’t be blamed for this matter. You can take a good rest these two days. When your condition stabilizes, I will take you home for a good rest.”

Takahashi Eiji nodded quickly.

Children always realize the warmth of home after being injured outside.

Now Eiji Takahashi just wants to go home and l**k the wound.

At this moment, someone rushed over and respectfully said to Takahashi Machichi: “Chairman, Ito Yuhiko sent flowers and fruit baskets to express condolences…”

“Ito Yuhiko?!” When Machi Takahashi heard these four words, his brows instantly frowned.

Immediately, he yelled coldly: “Humph! With my knowledge of Ito Yuihiko, the b*****d, he is sending flowers and fruit baskets now. He must have come to mock me and watch my jokes! Last time his daughter was seriously injured after the game in China. When I returned to China and was treated in Tokyo, I also gave him flowers and a fruit basket to laugh at him. I didn’t expect that he would find him back so soon!”

Takahashi Eiji, with his arms in plaster, said angrily, “Dad! Ito Yuhiko, that b*****d, is a must-have guy himself! The flowers and fruit baskets you sent to the hospital last time were all said to have been thrown into him. Trash can, this time he did exactly what he did, showing that he had deliberately slapped my face! This time I lost such a big face, I don’t know how this b*****d will humiliate me in the future!”

Maki Takahashi smiled awkwardly and comforted: “Son, you don’t have to be so angry. Maybe Ito Yuihiko doesn’t mean anything else, just want to express condolences?”

Takahashi Eiji asked him back: “Dad, do you believe this? His daughter was injured. What kind of mentality did you send flowers and fruit baskets? Isn’t it for mocking and watching a good show?”

Machi Takahashi sneered: “You are right, I was indeed trying to mock him…”

Takahashi Eiji said with a sad face: “The video of Nanako Ito’s injury was spread all over Japan, but the people of Japan respect her and love her very much. Numerous fans are still launching activities to protect her and pray for her online. But I was injured this time, and all Japan is laughing at me. I am embarrassed this time…”

With that, Eiji Takahashi couldn’t think about it, and cried uncontrollably.

It’s no wonder that he is too fragile. After all, he was a Japanese national playboy before, and countless women are crazy about him and call him husband on the Internet.

Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, he would be beaten half to d***h in front of the people of the whole country. This incident can be said to have lost face for a lifetime. Moreover, it is almost impossible to get the face back again.


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