The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1722

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1722 – And this figure is the ninjutsu master of the Takahashi family, Teng Lin Zhengzhe.

Maki Takahashi learned that he happened to be at the Aman Hotel, so he asked him to monitor Fitz. As Party A and Party B who are about to start negotiations on cooperation, if they can know the other party’s cards and low prices in advance, it is absolutely no disadvantage. of.

The most feared thing in business negotiations is to miss the cards. This is the same as the p***r table. When you are playing gold with someone, if you can know the opponent’s card, then you will never lose, even if the card is not better than the opponent, you can get out early.

If you can know your opponent’s cards, then you will never be scammed by the opponent. If the opponent holds a small hand that pretends to be pretentious and delusional, you can also see through it at a glance.

Many times, you obviously have the biggest card in the game, but you can’t make any money. The reason is that you can’t guess the opponent’s hole cards and your psychological quality is not strong enough, so you are scared by the opponent’s bluff and leave the game early.

Therefore, Takahashi is very eager to see Banks’ hole cards. However, when Teng Lin Zhengzhe sent him the recording, he was scared into a cold sweat by the recording! It turns out that Banks’ hole card is not just a good card, if it is a k*****g card!

Especially the strategy of Mr. Banks. If you choose Takahashi, you will k**l Ito; if you choose Ito, you will k**l Takahashi…

Maki Takahashi felt a bit cold in his back, and sat down on a chair alone, slandering in his heart: “That old man from the Banks Family is like a f*cking old beast!”

“Frankly speaking, I have been fighting with the Ito family for so many years, and I have never thought of destroying the other party. It is enough to step on him and beat him…”

“But this Lord Banks is so cruel that he has to k**l his own family, or the Ito family, just to cut off his competitors’ retreat?!”

“More importantly, I have no choice at all! If I was selected by the Banks Family and the Banks Family asked me to join them to k**l the Takahashi family, can I refuse? If I refuse, he will turn his head and go to the Ito family. K**l me together…”

Thinking of this, Takahashi wiped his sweat while making up his mind. In any case, he must reach a cooperation with the Banks Family! Never let the Banks Family and the Ito family come together, otherwise, you will beat yourself!

The main reason why Takahashi is so scared is mainly because the strength of the Takahashi family is still too far behind the Banks Family.

In recent years, the form of international economic development has almost been the rapid growth of China, while other countries have either stagnated or retreated without advancing.

Japan is the one that does not advance or retreat.

In recent years, Japan’s GPD has not increased but declined. In 2011, it was still able to reach 6 trillion US dollars. As a result, when it bottomed out in 2018, it was only more than 4 trillion US dollars.

With the receding of Japan’s economic development, these families in Japan have also suffered heavy losses. The current strength has been left behind by China’s top families. It is almost impossible to compete with China’s top families.

So, Takahashi Zhenzhi had an idea in his heart.

He decided that he would do everything possible to a****k the Ito family, just like the Banks Family attacked the Wade family!

If the Banks Family wants to scuttle the Wade family’s boat, they must scuttle the Ito family’s boat!


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