The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1714

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1714 – However, it was not easy for these ninjutsu masters to find Charlie. Charlie left no clues at the scene. They could only check Charlie’s whereabouts through the Tokyo monitoring system first.


late at night. The first batch of raw materials prepared by Mr. Quinton arrived in Tokyo.

After the plane landed, it was unloaded and cleared immediately, and then shipped to the production line of Kobayashi P************l at the fastest speed.

Since Liam and Ichiro Kobayashi have been training at the Kobayashi P************l Tokyo production base for a day, after the raw materials arrived at the base, they immediately entered the workshop and started producing Nova Dias.

In addition, Liam followed Charlie’s request and applied to the Japanese D**g Administration to directly change the name of Niranex to Nova Dias.

In this way, after successful trial production, Nova Dias can be put on the market directly in Japan and in the countries where Nova Dias has covered it.

During the trial production, Isaac Cameron asked his subordinates to drive him and come to Ichiro Kobayashi’s house to pick Charlie to the scene.

As soon as Charlie got on the car, Isaac Cameron said nervously: “Master, why are you choking with the young master of the Takahashi family?”

Charlie frowned and asked, “How did you know?”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Someone took a video of you teaching him and posted it on the Internet. Now it’s spread all over Japan! You are hot in Japan!”

Charlie frowned: “It has been spread throughout Japan within two hours?”

Isaac Cameron helplessly: “Master, think about how fast the cross talk between Mr. Lloyd and Marcus was spread on our domestic short video platform! We have more than one billion people in China, and that cross talk is not half It’s been all over the country since just a few hours…”

Charlie shrugged and said, “After all, our domestic Internet industry is very powerful, but is the Japanese Internet so developed?”

Isaac Cameron sighed and said, “Master, even if Japan hasn’t done much in the past few years, it is still an established developed country. Although their Internet is not as developed as ours, the video entertainment sector is still good. Young people have nothing to do all day long, except for drinking, eating and shopping, just playing with mobile phones.”

As he said, he pointed to a few young boys walking side by side on the side of the road outside the window, and said, “Master, look at those little b******s. You just walked and looked at the phone. He didn’t even take the road to watch. Several people in Tokyo have to k**l several times a day. I guess the eight achievements of these people are watching your video!”

Charlie asked, “Do you have any Japanese short video software? Find out and let me see it.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly took out his phone, found out the video and passed it to Charlie: “Look, master.”

Charlie looked at the video and found that he was blurry in the video. This was a relief, and said: “Fortunately, the filming is not very clear, otherwise it will be troublesome if an acquaintance sees it. I still talked to my wife before I came. It was about coming to Japan to help people watch Feng Shui. If she wants to see this video, she must ask me what happened.”

Isaac Cameron said: “You can rest assured that Japanese software is not compatible with ours in China, and Japanese short videos have no influence in our country.”

Charlie asked him: “Are you sure?”

Isaac Cameron nodded: “Yes, on our domestic short video platform, there are only a small number of people who are doing content. Most of the rest are copied and copied by a bunch of birdmen. One piece is hot, I can’t wait for it. Ten thousand people plagiarize, and there is either a bunch of ugly and poor stinky silks playing the rich second generation, or a bunch of scammers selling some broken fish and shrimp live on the beach.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Regardless of these people, you call Stephen Thompson, this video of mine can’t be circulated to China in any case.”

“Good master!”


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