The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1689

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1689 – Faced with the questions of father and brother, Zara answered calmly: “First of all, although the Ito family has strong resources in Tokyo, and also has good strength in Osaka and Nagoya, Japan’s real super seaport is actually next to Tokyo. The port of Yokohama.”

“Although the Takahashi family is slightly inferior to the Ito family in Tokyo, they are very tough in Yokohama. It can be said that Yokohama is the base camp of the Takahashi family.”

“Secondly, the Ito family is somewhat troubled now, Ito Yuhiko His daughter was seriously injured while participating in an international Sanda competition in Aurous Hill some time ago and is currently recuperating. Ito himself loves this daughter very much. The physical condition of her daughter will more or less distract him. Once this person’s energy is not full Focusing on our work 100% will have an impact on our cooperation. Even if the impact is only 1%, it is a real impact.”

Zayne frowned, “Ito Yuuhiko’s daughter was injured? I have never heard of this.”

Zara said lightly: “I asked someone to investigate the situation of these two companies, including their family’s children.” The eldest brother Fitz couldn’t help but give a thumbs up: “Zara, you still think about the problem most. All-round!”

Zara said without a wave: “Brother, don’t slap me here anymore. You will be the one who will be alone in the future. I will just help you think about it temporarily.”

Fitz said with a smile: ” Having such a good sister, I will really worry about it in the future!”

Zara gave him a blank look and said, “One more thing, I have heard that the Ito family had previously wanted to invest in a Japanese p************l company named Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, this matter will also distract his energy to a certain extent.”

Fitz nodded: “I know that company, they produce Niranex, I have used it before, and the effect is really good, very powerful.”

“That’s before. “Zara said lightly: “Now, there is a Nova Dias in China, which has surpassed them in product strength.”

“Oh” Fitz said with a smile: “I have a hunch that Oracle P************l will soon emerge. It will catch up with Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals first, and eventually catch up.” At this point, Fitz seriously suggested: “If possible, I think it’s a good opportunity to invest in Oracle P************l now. It’s possible that there will be more than ten times the return on investment in a few years.”

Zayne waved his hand and said, “No matter how big the p************l company is, it will be worth 100 billion. It’s very big, we still focus on the bigger market and opportunities. This ocean-going project is the key to the internationalization of the Banks Family.”

Zara wanted to say something, but he swallowed it and Nodded and said, “Get back to the subject, dad, which one do you think we should contact first? I still think that Ito Yuihiko has internal and external troubles, and other things involve energy, or the Takahashi family as a whole is more appropriate.”

Zayne looked towards Fitz asked: “Knowledge, what do you think?”

Fitz immediately said: “If you listen to people persuading you to eat a full meal, I think you should listen to know fish. After all, those who investigate have the right to speak!”

Zayne Nodded with satisfaction, and said with a smile: “You two brothers and sisters are the most outstanding among my peers. If you two work together, you must be famous throughout the country, and even the world!”

Fitz said with a smile “I don’t dare to compare with Zara. This girl is a wonder. At the age of 22, she is mentally mature and like forty-four. I really don’t know what kind of person I have to find in the future to match.”

Zara glared at him and said angrily: “I want you to worry about my business? Or think about yourself first. You have been in love with that Stefanie for so long, when are you going to confess to her?”

Fitz a bit embarrassment, he blurted out: “Don’t talk nonsense! Stefanie and I are acquaintances, not even friends.”

“Of course.” Zara snorted, and said contemptuously: “I met someone. Even if you can’t speak well, of course even friends can’t do it!”


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