The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1687

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1687 – When the old man announced that Fitz and Zara would go to Japan together, their father Zayne’s expression became a little proud.

In his opinion, the father gave such an important matter to his sons and daughters, which is the evidence that he is the eldest son and is most trusted by the father.

The other heirs are envy and jealous.

The old man wants to train Fitz, and everyone has no opinion on this. After all, Fitz is the eldest son and grandson. If placed in ancient times, this is the standard crown prince. No matter how strong other princes are, they must bow their heads when they see the eldest son and grandson.

However, let Fitz go for exercise, and also bring Zara along with him. This is really a bit too eccentric!

Under normal circumstances, if you encounter such a thing, you should let the eldest son and grandson take the lead, and then from the second, third, fourth and even fifth family, choose one or two younger generations who are agile and capable of training and let them follow the eldest son. The eldest grandson went out to meet the world together.

However, I never expected that in addition to the eldest grandson in the eyes of the old man, there is only the eldest granddaughter he spoils the most!

In other words, this is tantamount to the old man showing his position. Except for the eldest grandson, all the other grandsons, in his eyes, are not as good as Zara’s female stream!

This can make other families feel extremely uncomfortable.

Everyone in Eastcliff knows that the Banks Family is thriving.

The old man had 22 brothers and a dozen sisters back then. In his line, he still has 13 grandsons and two granddaughters.

But who could have expected that in his eyes, the eldest granddaughter Zara was the most favored.

The reason is that the old man has always been strict in his requirements and management of the male heirs of the family, so he and his sons and grandsons have always had a black face.

But the old man is also a mortal, and there is softness in his heart. He can’t show the soft side to his son and grandson, so he gives the soft side to his granddaughter.

In addition, Zara has been smart since she was a child, and she has been loved by her father. In front of others, the father is a demon with decisiveness, extraordinary spirit, and arrogant personality, but in front of his granddaughter, he is an ordinary, kind and doting the younger generation.

In fact, the degree of doting the old man has for Zara can be seen from the name of Zara.

The juniors of the Banks Family are known for their generation.

Fitz’s name is meant to know right and wrong and not to make detours;

In addition, there is Austin, which means drinking water to know the source;

Zayne means “Zayne Illustrated Report”.

The name of each grandchild can be said to be full of the admonition and vigilance of Grandpa Banks to his grandchildren.

Only Zara.

The old man gave her this name, which means the joy of knowing fish.

In “Autumn Water”, a conversation between Huizi and Zhuangzi is recorded. Huizi said that Zi is not a fish, and he knows the joy of fish.

The old man named her Zara, hoping that she can be happy, happy, simple and happy. Since she can know “the joy of fish”, she can naturally know “the joy of man”.


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