The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1686

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1686 – Because of his young age and the reason he has been favored at home, Austin has a strong desire to express himself.

However, he used to behave in front of his parents, and he had no chance to behave in front of his grandfather. Today, he finally seized the opportunity, thinking about the old man’s ideas, and debating with him, so as to show his extraordinary talents. And wisdom, but did not expect, just a word, annoyed the Lord Banks.

He was about to open his mouth to explain, but he didn’t think about it. His father Jordan stood up and opened his bow left and right. He drew several big mouths, and the corners of his mouth were full of blood. Then he roared with extreme anger: “You read Go inside the dog? Dare to question your grandfather’s decision here?!”

“I…” Austin covered his face, the whole person aggrieved and wished to d*e here.

He hadn’t been beaten when he grew up so old, and he didn’t understand why his father, who had always been doting on him, wanted to s**k himself into d***h after one sentence angered his grandfather.

Moreover, it is still in front of the entire family.

At this time, Jordan hates this son who is not growing up!

He was very aware of the coercion of the old man, even his elder brother Zayne, he did not dare to stand up to the old man, let alone his ineffective little son?

It’s not so popular!

It is very possible that his words will be completely beaten by the old man in the future, and after graduation from university, he will not even have the opportunity to return to Bank’s home to work!

The reason why the old man Lord Banks is so hegemonic and authoritarian is greatly related to his growth experience.

When he was young, he had many brothers. His father not only had a main room, but also married a wife of six rooms and seven wives. He gave birth to more than 30 children, including 23 sons alone!

And Lord Banks was just one of these 23 sons.

Just like the ancient prince seizing the first-in-law, Lord Banks had been fighting openly and secretly with 22 brothers since he was a child. After fighting for fifty years, he finally inherited the position of Banks Family Patriarch.

Therefore, fifty years of constant fighting made his temperament extremely domineering and cruel.

If someone threatens his majesty, even if it is his son or grandson, he will never tolerate it.

Austin was young and ignorant, and with the aura of genius, he dared to confront Lord Banks to find a sense of existence. In everyone’s eyes, this action was no different from looking for d***h!

Jordan even slapped Austin dozens of slaps, and he almost couldn’t stand to faint. Lord Banks snorted and said: “Okay, don’t beat him, let someone take him out, we Continue the meeting!”

Jordan’s heart was bleeding a long time ago, but until the old man said, he didn’t dare to stop.

Seeing that the old man finally spoke, he put his hands away and suppressed the distress in his heart, and yelled at the servant standing next to him: “Don’t hurry up and get this unfilial son out of here!”

Several people immediately stepped forward and dragged out Austin, who was vomiting blood, dizzy and tinnitus.

Lord Banks cleared his throat and continued: “This cooperation with the Japanese will not only win at least 20% of the operating rights of Tokyo Port, Yokohama Port and Osaka Port, but also let them provide at least no less than For all kinds of cargo ships and oil tankers with a displacement of 3 million tons, whoever has the most resources will have the opportunity to become one of us. Therefore, when going to Japan this time, we must take a good look at the true strengths of Ito and Takahashi. In addition, we must force the two of them to use the most resources!”

The eldest son Zayne blurted out: “Father, I don’t know who you plan to let these two Japanese families cooperate with this time?”

Lord Banks was silent for a moment, and then said: “Knowing Fitz, you are the eldest grandson, and it is time for you to take the lead. This time, you will take the lead!”

Fitz Banks, the eldest grandson of Lord Banks, and the eldest son of Zayne, is 28 years old this year and is the most outstanding male heir of the Banks Family.

Upon hearing that he was selected, Fitz immediately stood up and said firmly: “Please rest assured, I will go all out!”

Lord Banks nodded lightly, and his eyes fell on the beautiful and glamorous girl beside Fitz.

It was also at this moment that the old man’s eyes were finally not so hard. Instead, he was replaced by a somewhat pampering look. He smiled and said, “Zara, you will graduate from Yale soon. It’s also time to go out and exercise. This time you will follow Go with your brother, learn more, watch more, and accumulate some experience!”

The beautiful and glamorous girl stood up, bowed slightly, her expression was not lukewarm, her eyes were lukewarm, her tone was neither salty nor salty, and said, “Good grandpa, Zara knows.”


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