The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1684

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1684 – At that time, she was nervous like a little quail in front of Charlie.

When he was at a loss, he gave Charlie a cup of milk tea in his hand, and lied that he was going to drink it, but he did not expect that he actually took a sip of the milk tea.

And just before Charlie drank it, Nanako Ito had just used that straw. That kind of indirect kissing behavior was the most ambiguous thing Nanako Ito had done with a man since she grew up.

It was also the indirect k**s that Nanako Ito has been thinking about ever since.

Thinking of Charlie’s appearance, she subconsciously raised her slender fingers and wrote Charlie in traditional characters on the water.

There were waves of soft water ripples on the water, but she couldn’t keep any of the strokes she wrote down.

It was this fleeting trace that allowed Nanako Ito to be confident and bold, and write Charlie’s name on the water again and again without leaving any traces.

This night, Nanako Ito couldn’t sleep for a long time.

This night, the sky in Kyoto gradually cleared.

The heavy snow predicted by the meteorological department did not come.

The early morning weather forecast stated that due to the impact of the air currents, the heavy snow that was originally expected to fall last night was estimated to be two to three days later than originally planned.

The snow was delayed, and Nanako Ito was somewhat regretful.

She always felt that this was an expression of G*d’s unbeauty.

Thinking of Charlie, who was only a few hundred kilometers away from herself, but couldn’t rush to meet Charlie, a melancholy thought suddenly popped into her heart:

Perhaps, I have no relationship with Charlie!

The next day, Aurous Hill.

Mr. Quinton rushed to Quinton’s warehouse for storing medicinal materials early in the morning and personally directed the staff to prepare the Chinese herbal medicines for Charlie.

Workers at the scene began to pack the boxes in full swing, and he urged on the side: “All medicinal materials must be checked manually before they are packed to ensure that the medicinal materials are not loaded incorrectly, there is no deterioration or damage, and that the amount of medicinal materials is sufficient. have you understood?”

“Understood Mr. Quinton!”

A group of employees hurriedly responded.

Mr. Quinton nodded in satisfaction and continued: “Before this afternoon, be sure to prepare the first batch of medicines and then send them to the airport. I have already contacted the air cargo company and will take off at 10 o’clock tonight. The goods are delivered to Tokyo!”

At the same time, at the Banks Family residence in Eastcliff.

For twenty years, the old man of the Banks Family held a morning meeting in the main hall of the mansion every day.

This morning meeting was just like the early dynasty of the ancient emperor, and the children of the Banks Family had to report to the old man the progress of various businesses in the daily morning meeting.

If the father has any orders, he will also announce them at the morning meeting.

The Banks Family is thriving, and there are more than 30 children and relatives participating in the morning meeting.

The rules at the morning meeting were also very strict. The old man sat down on a half-meter-high step, facing everyone, very majestic.

Children, grandchildren, and relatives sit in several rows according to their status and generation.

At this time, Mr. Banks was sitting on a chair like a dragon, looking at the children below the stage, and said in a majestic manner: “The recent international crude oil situation continues to be turbulent and the global economic downturn has caused international import and export trade to be affected. Now many ocean shipping companies are struggling. It is a good time for our Banks Family to buy bottoms and buck the trend. The cooperation with the Japanese must be accelerated!”


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