The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1674

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1674 – As Japan’s top family, the Ito family is constantly being weakened.

Also confused with them, there is another big family in Japan, the Takahashi family.

Both companies are now actively seeking breakthrough points, so they all pin their hopes on top Chinese families.

As the top family in China, the influence of the Banks Family has been continuously increasing in recent years, and with the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the strength of the Banks Family has also been soaring.

The focus of the Banks Family in the past few years has been on maintaining and consolidating the domestic market. After consolidating its position as the first family in China, it has only begun to turn its attention overseas in the past two years.

Therefore, in recent years, many Japanese families are eager to develop in-depth cooperation with the Banks Family.

Over the past ten years, China’s import and export trade has continued to grow, shipping demand has increased, and port construction and development have been extremely fast. Now, China accounts for seven of the world’s top ten ports in terms of throughput.

Today’s global trade relies very heavily on shipping. The vast majority of oil, ore and various goods rely on ocean transportation.

For example, the oil in the entire East Asia and Southeast Asia is almost transported from the Middle East to ports by giant tankers;

The entire East Asia and Southeast Asia’s iron ore also depends on a large number of giant freighters, transported from Australia and Brazil.

The Banks Family has been in port business for many years and has its own industries and shares in major domestic ports. It is now preparing to build Asia’s largest shipping company and build Asia’s largest shipping fleet, which can just match their domestic ports for resources Complementary.

In order to build the largest shipping fleet in Asia, the Banks Family not only invested heavily on their own, but also prepared in-depth cooperation with consortiums in Japan and South Korea, giving them a certain share and letting them participate in depth.

The reason for winning the consortium of Japan and South Korea is mainly because Japan and South Korea are both developed countries, and the demand for shipping is also very large. In addition, South Korea’s Busan Port, Japan’s Tokyo Port, and Yokohama Port are all established large ports in Asia.

If the Banks Family can also hold the resources of these ports, by that time, the shipping company headed by the Banks Family can control the lifeline of the entire East Asia to a certain extent, and the future profit space will be huge.

The Japanese and South Korean consortiums are extremely excited about this news. They all hope to reach a cooperation with the Banks Family and then get on the boat of the Banks Family.

In Japan alone, there are at least a dozen families and consortia that hope to cooperate with the Banks Family.

Among them, the strongest ones are the Ito family and the Takahashi family!


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