The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1653

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1653 – At this time, Kobayashi P************l’s Tokyo headquarters is preparing to hold an emergency shareholders meeting.

During this time, the chairman of Kobayashi P************l Co., Ltd., that is, Jiro Kobayashi, disappeared suddenly after he left for China, and the entire Kobayashi P************l Group was headless.

In the beginning, the shareholders of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals were still trying every means to find the whereabouts of Jiro Kobayashi.

But they did a lot of hard work and tried, and they did not find Jiro Kobayashi.

After that, they immediately contacted Ito Takehiko, the leader of the Ito family.

I contacted Ito Yuhiko because the shareholders of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals know that Ito Yuhiko is very optimistic about Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals and Jiro Kobayashi, and hopes to recruit Jiro Kobayashi as his son-in-law, and then buy shares in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

And the reason why Jiro Kobayashi went to China, in the final analysis, was to pursue Ito Yuhiko’s daughter, Nanako Ito.

As a result, Nanako Ito returned, but her follower Jiro Kobayashi evaporated from the world, which made the Kobayashi family members even hard to understand.

Ito Yuhiko is also very concerned about this matter. After all, he is very optimistic about Jiro Kobayashi and Kobayashi P************l too. If Jiro Kobayashi disappears, he will naturally be his son-in-law.

Moreover, Oracle Nova Dias is currently insufficient in production capacity and has not been exported to overseas markets. Therefore, local Japanese consumers know nothing about this magic medicine. They still regard Kobayashi Niranex as the best in stomach medicine. Kobayashi Niranex is in the Japanese market. Sales have not received any impact.

Therefore, in Ito’s view, Kobayashi P************l’s future prospects are still bright.

In order not to miss the opportunity to invest in Kobayashi P************l, Ito Yuhiko also sent many people to search for Jiro Kobayashi’s whereabouts.

But it is a pity that they don’t have a strong intelligence network in China, and they can’t get any information about Jiro Kobayashi at all.

As a result, Jiro Kobayashi seemed to have completely disappeared in the eyes of the Kobayashi family and Ito Yuhiko.

Over time, Ito Yuhiko took the lead in giving up the search for Jiro Kobayashi.

He felt that instead of looking for Jiro Kobayashi, it would be better to quickly let the Kobayashi family choose a new president, and then go to work with the new president by himself.

Subsequently, under the operation of Ito Takehiko, the Kobayashi family also gave up.

After the Kobayashi family gave up looking for Jiro Kobayashi, they began to enter the next stage, preparing to reform Kobayashi P************l, and re-divide the cake of Kobayashi P************l.

Kobayashi P************l was developed by Ichiro Kobayashi’s father, Masao Kobayashi, in decades. Although many members of the Kobayashi family are involved, they do not directly own the shares of Kobayashi P************l.

After the d***h of Kobayashi Masao, Ichiro Kobayashi was labeled as a father-k****r, and Jiro Kobayashi naturally became the sole heir of Kobayashi P************l.

However, now Jiro Kobayashi is also missing.

According to Japanese law, if Jiro Kobayashi’s whereabouts remain unknown within a certain period of time, it can be determined from the legal level that the person is d**d and his relatives have the right to inherit all his property.

In that way, all the shares of Kobayashi P************l will become a Chinese meal for the collateral relatives of the Kobayashi family.

Ichiro Kobayashi’s pro-uncle, Masayoshi Kobayashi, has now temporarily succeeded as the acting chairman of Kobayashi P************l Co., Ltd., and exercises management power instead of Jiro Kobayashi.

Ito Yuhiko, who has been coveting Kobayashi P************l’s shares, immediately focused his attention on Kobayashi Masayoshi.


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