The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1642

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1642 – “What’s the face…” Wendy was anxious, choked up and said: “How can I say that I am also the commercial director of the Wilson Group. I was caught by a fake Hermes when I went out. What a shame if I was found out!”

Lady Wilson sneered and said, “You know what a f**t! If you have a noble status these days, you just carry a fake bag, which is true in the eyes of others; but if you have a humble status, you are even saying the truth. in the eyes of others, he is also a fake! The Wilson Group is now in Phoenix Nirvana and rebirth from the ashes. In the eyes of outsiders, you, the commercial director, naturally contain a lot of gold. Even if you carry a fake bag, no one will think that is fake!”

Wendy was depressed: “Grandma, even if you don’t look at it, if I am the commercial director of the Wilson Group, even if I am your granddaughter, giving me 100,000 Dollar is not too much, right?”

Lady Wilson snorted: “Don’t come to this set, it’s only ten thousand Dollar, you want it, don’t pull it down!”

Wendy was extremely depressed, but when she thought of 10,000 Dollar, if she didn’t want it, then she would lose a cent.

So she nodded and said aggrieved: “Well, ten thousand is ten thousand…”

The Lady Wilson cleared her throat and said solemnly: “I tell you, this time, we must let the Wilson Group regain its glory! We even want the Wilson Group to take another step, so you call me one by one. With the spirit of 12 points, no hedonistic thinking is allowed, otherwise, even if it is my son or grandson, I have to get out! Do you understand?”

Christopher, Harold, and Wendy knew in their hearts that the Lady said this to them.

Although my heart was depressed, everyone didn’t dare to show any objection. They could only nodded bitterly and said in unison: “I understand…”

Mrs. Wilson was satisfied with this and waved her hand: “Okay, hurry up and eat. I have to go to the company in the afternoon to continue working!”

Everyone had no choice but to bow their heads to eat honestly.

At this moment, Wendy flipped through the WeChat Moments, and suddenly saw the one sent by Elaine, her face suddenly blue with anger.

There was an uneasy feeling in her heart: “Elaine’s b*tch has a bunch of Hermes. I want to buy one. Grandma didn’t even agree and asked me to buy a fake one. If I really buy a fake Hermes, in case, I was met by Elaine, so I still have to let her d*e?!”

Thinking of this, she became more and more angry in her heart, why use such an expensive thing?

I am now youthful and naturally beautiful, why can’t even Elaine be as good?

Thinking of this, she said aggrieved: “Grandma! Look! Even Elaine’s b*tch has used real Hermes, why can’t I use one real?!”

Lady Wilson snatched the phone from her, took a look, and said angrily: “D**n Elaine, I know it all day long!”

Christopher also took the phone and looked at it and found that there was a picture of Elaine taking a selfie with her bag on his back. He said coldly: “This stinky lady’s legs seem to have been plastered off! I’m going to jump out!”

Harold’s teeth tickled when he thought of Elaine, and hurriedly asked him: “Dad, didn’t you say you want to punish her before? When do you do it? I wanted to teach this d**n lady a long time ago!”

“Don’t worry.” Jacob snorted coldly: “She broke her leg before and stayed at home all day long, so she couldn’t rush into her house and fix her? Wouldn’t we have to put us in? Since hers The cast has been removed from the leg, and she must be stumbling out. When the time comes, we will seize the opportunity and she must be treated well!”


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