The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1636

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1636 – Charlie nodded: “Twenty to thirty thousand.”

“Oh! My son-in-law is so generous! Buy me such an expensive scarf! Twenty to thirty thousand, you can buy a mink to wear!”

Afterwards, Elaine opened another gift box and exclaimed: “Oh! This is the classic Hermès belt for women! My son-in-law, my mother has loved this belt for several years, and has been reluctant to buy it. I didn’t expect you to realize my dream for me. …..”

Jacob on the side looked a little bit sour, and couldn’t help but ask: “Good son-in-law, didn’t you bring any gifts for dad?”

Charlie smiled and said, “If you have you, I have prepared several things for you.”

Having said that, Charlie handed him two Hermes gift boxes.

Jacob slapped his t***h happily, and said excitedly: “Oh, there really is me, really my good son-in-law!”

As soon as the voice fell, he rushed over and took the gift box from Charlie.

Open the first one. It is a men’s belt with the head of the belt and the golden letter h, shining in the sun.

Jacob clapped his hands happily: “Oh, this is the same Hermès belt of Tom Cruise! His belt was popular all over the country back then!”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “This belt is now a standard for successful men.”

Jacob sighed and sighed: “Oh, we old Wilson is also a successful person. We live in a Thompson First mansion, drive a BMW five-series sedan, Hermès trouser belt, and then we will string a large gold chain and get a gold watch. The upper-class people with small gold watches and three small barbecues a day!”

Claire said helplessly: “Dad, which middle-aged and old people do you see who are still wearing a big gold chain to swagger through the market? Those are standard equipment for young people and social people.”

Jacob chuckled, “I just said that.”

After speaking, he winked at Charlie and said: “Good son-in-law, when can you give me a gold watch? I recently picked a Rolex, and that watch looks impressive!”

Charlie suddenly thought: “Hey, before, Matilda seemed to have given his father-in-law Jacob a Rolex! It is worth three to four hundred thousand Dollar, but the old man was afraid that Elaine would be jealous after seeing it, so he never dared to wear it. …..”

“He is now mentioning Rolex again. It is estimated that 80% of them want me to agree to his so-called request.”

“In this way, he can just look back and wear the Rolex that Matilda gave him. Even if Elaine sees it, he can tell Elaine that I bought him this watch.”

Thinking of this, Charlie couldn’t help feeling in his heart: “This old man is not easy. In order to be able to put on the gifts from the first lover in a fair manner, he has to prepare so much in advance, so just help him!”

Therefore, Charlie said to Jacob straightforwardly: “Dad, don’t worry, Rolex, right? It’s wrapped in me!”

As soon as Jacob heard this, he was immediately happy with nothing to add, and ran forward to hold Charlie’s hand, and said with emotion: “Good son-in-law, you are the one who knows me!”

After finishing speaking, he kept winking at Charlie, his expression full of gratitude.

Elaine on the side was unhappy, and said angrily: “Jacob, you old thing is really shameless, even you wear a Rolex for your unpromising appearance? Don’t pit my son-in-law’s money here!”

After speaking, Elaine hurriedly smiled to Charlie and said: “Good son-in-law, you don’t think mom has a decent watch until now. How about you turn around and give mom a piece?”


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