The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1632

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1632 – Loreen smiled: “I know!”

Claire smiled and said, “It happens that I have nothing to do today. I will drive to the airport to pick you up in a while.”

“Okay!” Loreen said with a smile: “Then my big beautiful girl will have a hard time running!”

Claire smiled and said, “What are you doing so politely with me? Besides, it’s not to pick you up alone, but also to pick up Charlie from our house.”

Loreen said: “Okay, you are to pick up Charlie from your family, right?”

Claire smiled and said, “Yes!”

“Okay, okay.” Loreen said helplessly: “If you can pick me up on the way, I’m already very satisfied!”

Claire said, “Then I won’t tell you anymore. See you at the airport later!”


After two hours of flight, the plane landed smoothly at Aurous Hill Airport.

Charlie and Loreen came out of the airport together and saw Claire waiting here.

After seeing Claire for a few days, Charlie missed it very much. Seeing that Claire was wearing a long and slender coat, he was slim and had an extraordinary temperament.

In the past few days, Claire also missed Charlie very much.

After all, when the two got married, they had never been apart for such a long time.

I don’t feel much about living together every day, but when one of them is not around, I can feel the feeling of discomfort and the feeling of constantly missing in my heart.

Seeing Charlie coming out of the exit, Claire hurried forward a few steps and gently hugged him.

After hugging Charlie for a few seconds, she hugged Loreen again.

Loreen was shocked by Claire’s initiative to embrace Charlie. She realized that her best friend’s attitude towards Charlie seemed to have undergone some subtle changes.

However, she couldn’t analyze the specific changes.

Charlie didn’t expect that Claire would hug herself directly in front of Loreen. Thinking about it, his wife’s feelings for him seemed to have made some progress, which was a good sign.

After Claire and Loreen hugged gently, he discovered that Charlie was carrying several Hermes shopping bags, and asked in surprise: “Charlie, why do you buy so many Hermes things?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I bought some gifts for you and your parents.”

Claire hurriedly said, “Oh, why buy such an expensive brand? Just buy some local specialties…”

Charlie smiled and said, “Isn’t this making money? It is only natural to spend some money on my family.”

Claire said seriously: “You will spoil your mother like this. You still don’t know who she is? If you buy her such expensive things this time, her appetite will be even bigger next time.”

Charlie smiled slightly: “This time I mainly bought a limited-edition bag for your wife. What I bought for my mother was all the ordinary styles that were used for distribution.”

Claire said distressedly: “Then you have to spend a lot of money this time…”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t worry about money all the time here. It’s easy to make money anyway. Let’s go home first, and talk about it when we get home!”


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