The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1616

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1616 – Even Lord Wade couldn’t help being stunned.

Stephen Thompson said in a cold voice at this time: “I never thought of letting Master Charlie come back. I just tell you objectively that today’s Master Charlie is not inferior to Bruce Wade, who was so powerful in Eastcliff back then! As for the marriage, it is The master who proposed it, not me!”

“Besides, you don’t have to be frightened here. Master Charlie doesn’t want to come back at all. With my understanding of him, even if I kneel down and beg him, he will not come back, let alone abandon his wife and go with the Banks Family marriage!”

When everyone heard this, they were relieved. Won’t come back? It would be better not to come back! Lord Wade’s eyes narrowed slightly.

After pondering for a while, he said seriously: “Actually, I think if Charlie comes back, I can’t say that he can really marry Zara Banks successfully.”

“How is it possible?” Corran Wade blurted out: “The Banks Family’s eyes are higher than the top, and Jon’s outstanding status may not be able to do it. He is a vulgar person who has been outside for many years, why should Banks Family be swayed?! “

Lord Wade looked at Corran Wade coldly and grinned.

Corran Wade was shaken by the old man’s glance, and he felt as if he could see through his mind at once.

Lord Wade knew in his heart that the reason why Corran Wade was here to belittle Charlie was because he was afraid that Charlie would really come back, and he was even more afraid that Charlie would really agree to marry the Banks Family.

Because of fear, so belittle. It seems to be justified, but in fact it is just to cover up his inner panic. Others also agreed at this time, everyone’s reason was simple, it was just that Charlie grew up in a humble environment and couldn’t be worthy of Miss Banks Family.

Myles said with a sneer on his face: “Dad, although Charlie is the son of my second brother, he has been the sling in the mouth of a young man for so many years. How can a sling be compared with a lady of heaven like Zara? “

Seeing everyone objected, he thought that Elder Wade snorted and said, “You? Do you know that back then, Zara’s mother, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Banks Family, wanted to find life and d***h for Bruce? Back then, she chased Bruce for many years. As long as Bruce nodded, she will be the second daughter-in-law of the Wade family. Today, she also mourns in front of Bruce’s grave every year. Do you understand this kind of love for the house and the Wades?”

In a word, the audience was in an uproar! Corran Wade only remembered those past events at this time. Bruce back then, in the entire Eastcliff, that is really the dominant existence. I don’t know how many wealthy daughters, I dream of marrying him, even if I am his lover.

This includes Zara’s mother and Bank’s eldest daughter.

Back then, countless men were deathly jealous of Bruce, including his eldest brother.

If the old man said that Zara’s mother loves Bruce, then Charlie and Zara’s matter is really possible…


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