The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1613

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1613 – Charlie was not overly wary of Stephen Thompson.

This is because he can analyze that Stephen Thompson has absolutely no malice towards him.

Even for so many years, I was able to grow up in Aurous Hill safely, thanks to Stephen Thompson’s secret protection.

Therefore, if Stephen Thompson had malicious thoughts about himself, he would not wait until now.

This is also one of the few people who can absolutely trust Charlie, so he is going to contact Stephen Thompson and ask him to meet to learn some details of the year.

Stephen Thompson was in the Wade Group at this time.

In the high-level conference room of the Wade family group, all the children of the Wade family gathered here to participate in the family meeting.

It was Nathaniel Wade, the old man of the Wade family, who presided over the meeting.

Nearly twenty descendants of the Wade family were all sitting in the meeting room.

At this moment, the old man said with emotion on his face: “Old Master Exeor walked in a hurry yesterday and went directly to the airport from Wade Mountain. I didn’t even see him for the last time. What a pity!”

Charlie’s uncle, Corran Wade, asked, “Dad, did you let us come to the meeting for the old master’s return to the United States?”

Lord Wade waved his hand and said: “The old master had told me a long time ago that the reason why he stayed in Eastcliff and the country after the completion of the Wade Mountain was to wait for a chance that belongs to him. He is gone, presumably he has gotten the opportunity he has been waiting for for years.”

Everyone nodded, and a cousin of Charlie’s generation asked: “Grandpa, is there anything important that you let us over today?”

When the old man called the entire Wade family’s direct descendants for a meeting last time, and decided to move the ancestral grave, the Wade family’s family business was too big after all. The children were in charge of various ministries and scattered across the country. If it was not an extremely important matter, there was no need to Everyone got together with great difficulty.

Lord Wade sighed and said: “At the beginning, the old master told me that after the dilemma of Wade’s sleepy shoal was broken, he would have the opportunity to soar into the sky and rise to the next level, but I still couldn’t understand it, Wade Mountain is Where is the opportunity to soar into the sky.”

Everyone looked at each other for a while.

The current strength of the Wade Family ranks second among the big families in the country, second only to the Banks Family. If one were to rise to the next level, wouldn’t it mean to surpass the Banks Family and become the first family in the country?

As a result, everyone was a little excited.

Charlie’s third uncle, Myles, said: “Dad, did the old master give some general clues? For example, where will this opportunity appear? Who is it? Or through what can I find relevant clues?”

Lord Wade shook his head and said: “The old master only said that the Wade family will usher in a g*d-given opportunity, but as to what the opportunity is and where to look for it, he didn’t confide half a word, just said that it is a secret opportunity that should not be revealed!”

Corran Wade smacked his lips and said, “Then this range is too broad. We can’t catch clues if we want to!”

Lord Wade said: “If you can’t catch it, you have to find a way to take the initiative and search for it!”

After speaking, Lord Wade said again: “I have been thinking about a question for the past two days, that is, how can we surpass the Banks Family in the Wade family.”

“Over the Banks Family?”


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