The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1607

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1607 – At this time, Charlie didn’t know that she was being closely followed by Loreen.

He has been completely immersed in the recreational sport that he loved very much when he was a child. Everyone has a childlike heart, and Charlie is no exception.

When he was happiest, a child with his feet on the ice skates slid faster and faster on the ice, and came straight to the ice carts of Charlie and Stefanie.

Unexpectedly, the child lost control of the direction. When he got closer and closer to Stefanie, he didn’t turn around, and slammed into Stefanie in a daze.

As soon as he ran into her, the child screamed. Stefanie was shocked when she saw it!

Although the child seems to be in her early ten years and weighs no more than sixty or seventy kilograms, the impact of inertia cannot be underestimated after he gets up fast.

What’s more dangerous is that the children wear ice skates instead of roller skates. The thing is sharp and sharp. Once a person is p*****d or scratched, it can easily cause serious injury!

Seeing this, Charlie suddenly jumped off the ice cart in a hurry, then hugged Stefanie in his arms and turned around half a circle, and lifted her away from the position where she was about to be hit.

However, seeing that the child was about to hit the ice truck, Charlie couldn’t bear the child’s injury, so he kicked the ice truck along the way. The ice truck was between the sparkling flints that the child was about to hit, and from the ice. Jumped out in the other direction.

The child didn’t have much experience, and she didn’t have any emergency response ability. She was about to hit an ice truck, so she was so scared that she covered his eyes.

At this moment, the ice car was kicked away by Charlie again, and as a result, the child continued to rush forward, and the speed was even faster than before!

Loreen, who was not far away, was always on the three-point line formed by the child, Charlie, and herself. Charlie and Stefanie just blocked the little girl, so she didn’t see exactly what happened, nor did she Saw a little girl out of control on the ice.

She only saw that Charlie actually hugged the woman by her waist, and directly gave the woman an ambiguous princess hug, and her heart was sour and angry!

She couldn’t help but secretly thought in her heart: “Charlie is too much! It doesn’t matter if you come to Eastcliff to meet a lover, and you dare to show affection so grandiosely in public places like Heathbrook, is this too reckless? “

Just when she was angry in her heart, a black shadow suddenly rushed over in front of her, and her cousin shouted next to her: “Ah! Sister Loreen, be careful!”

As soon as the voice fell, the dark shadow rushed to Loreen’s eyes!

At this time, Loreen turned her attention away from Charlie and Stefanie to the shadow that rushed towards her.

When she saw clearly that it turned out to be a girl who was covering her eyes and screaming in terror, she was also frightened not knowing what to do.

Anyone who has skated on ice or snow knows a basic safety rule, that is, you must stay away from people who are out of control!

On ice and snow, if a person can’t brake, his speed will easily reach a very dangerous state. If hit by a person at high speed, or hit by a car at high speed, there is no big difference. .

The ice skates and snowboards are very hard and sharp and can easily cause very serious injuries.

Loreen didn’t know what to do at this time. Deep down, she was even prepared to be hit hard by the child.

At the moment when the kid’s ice skate was almost reaching herself, she closed her eyes in shock and screamed.

However, after a while, the expected impact did not happen!


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