The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1590

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1590 – But I just had an operation just because I swallowed a gemstone necklace some time ago!

If you s*****w this jade pendant now, wouldn’t you have to go for another operation? !

When he thought of this, he paled in shock immediately, crying and crawling in front of Charlie, begging bitterly: “Mr. Wade, I really know that I was wrong, please forgive me this time, I just finished the operation some time ago , The wound has just healed, if I suffer it again, I am afraid I will d*e…”

Lydia, who was eager to protect the calf just now, already understood the situation. She knew that blindly looking at her son would be useless and would only annoy Charlie and Trevor, so she could only cry and plead: “This gentleman , I beg you, don’t be familiar with my son, he is an unlearned dude, he has been punished last time, this time you let him go!”

Charlie smiled and said, “It’s not that I didn’t let him go, but that he bit me so hard. He provoked the matter last time. It’s the same thing today. He has to follow I bet, can you blame me for failing if you lose?”

Trevor on the side also echoed: “D**n, Sam, you bet with Mr. Wade, do you want to deny it if you lose? Okay, if that’s the case, don’t blame me for turning over and denying anyone!”

Sam waved his hand in fright: “No, no, I admit it! I admit it!”

At this time Sam has already seen the situation in front of him. If he doesn’t recognize it today, Trevor must just let him go. Maybe he won’t be able to get along in Eastcliff in the future, and he may even hurt the Kilgore family because of himself. And Kilgore’s house.

Therefore, he can only honestly say: “I am willing to bet and lose…”

Having said that, he picked up the jade pendant and looked at it for a while, gritted his teeth, but was unwilling to s*****w the jade pendant.

He knew exactly how painful it would be to s*****w this kind of thing.

Lydia on the side was very distressed. She had witnessed how painful her son had been during the last operation and almost caused an intestinal obstruction. How could he be willing to experience it again this time? !

Thinking of this, she hurriedly pleaded: “Young Master Sun, you have poor pitiful Sam. It hasn’t been long since he just had an operation, so I can’t do it again this time…”

Don’t look at Trevor here urging Sam to be willing to bet and lose, but he really doesn’t know what exactly Sam bet on with Charlie. Hearing Lydia said that he would have another operation, he asked Sam in surprise: “You kid and Wade What kind of bet did the husband make?”

Sam replied tremblingly: “I…I…I bet with Mr. Wade that if the fan he takes is more expensive than the jade I bought, I will s*****w the jade. in stomach……”

Trevor was taken aback and asked in surprise, “Your mother said you just had an operation. What’s going on?”

Sam had to bite the bullet and said: “Last time I was at Lord Moore’s house in Aurous Hill, I also made a bet with Mr. Wade. I also lost that bet. Then I swallowed a string of gemstone necklaces, which were later surgically removed due to intestinal obstruction. ……”

Trevor swallowed, horrified in his heart.

This Sam is too miserable, right? Even swallowed a string of necklaces…

And this time, I have to s*****w a jade pendant…

Although Trevor is not a good person, nor a kind, but when he hears such things, he can’t help but sympathize with Sam in my heart.

It’s not good to provoke you to Charlie?

Who is Charlie?

Don’t talk about you, the G*d of War was in front of him, and he was crushed into a baby boy in an instant.

I am the d**n young master of the Sun family, Eastcliff’s well-known diamond king, nicknamed “Eastcliff Humanoid Pile Driver”, he is windy and suave, and almost no one dares to mess with it in Eastcliff.

Didn’t Charlie lose his fertility and be beaten into a dog by Charlie? In the end, he had to kneel down for Charlie to beg for forgiveness.

I’m like that, let alone a b*****d from a second-rate family like you!


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