The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1567

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1567 – Wade Mountain.

This mountain, which can be called a treasure of feng shui, is not only better than ingots in shape, but also better. It is surrounded by a continuous river with excellent water outlets.

The ancients loved mountains and water. Water not only cleans everything, it is also the source of life. Therefore, water must be indispensable for the so-called feng shui treasure.

The water of Wade Mountain is indeed beautiful from heaven. Not only does the heavenly gate open and the land is closed, but it also perfectly matches the trend of the fortune to the river and the position and orientation of the mountain itself, forming a “water bureau” feng shui array. .

Such a feng shui formation can guarantee the prosperity of the family and the prosperous future generations, and more importantly, it can break the situation of the Dragon Shoal before the Wade family.

Charlie has a deep knowledge of Feng Shui mystery because he has studied the “Apocalyptic Book”.

Although he didn’t know why the old Feng Shui said that Wade Mountain was trapped in the shoal, he could perceive that the ancestral grave of Wade Mountain not only blessed the descendants and prospered family business, but also faintly soared into the sky.

This made him amazed. The Wade Family really had a lot of money. Not only could they buy such a feng shui place, but they could also invest so much money to make a big investment here.

The geomantic omen here is very good, and if the descendants are a little bit more vigorous, the Wade family will definitely continue to prosper.

When approaching the foot of Wade Mountain, Orrin reminded Charlie: “Charlie, I will ask the driver to pull over and you can drive.”

Charlie didn’t want to be exposed in front of the Wade family for the time being, so yesterday he had already agreed with Orrin, acting as a driver and assistant and going with him to worship his parents.

So he nodded and said, “Good Uncle Orrin, I’ll drive.”

The driver pulled the car over, handed the sunglasses to Charlie, and said, “Mr. Wade, here is this for you.”

Charlie took the sunglasses and put them on, took out a disposable mask from his pocket, and then sat in the cab.

The driver did not stay in this car, but went to other vehicles behind.

Charlie drove on and continued forward. When he reached the bottom of Wade Mountain, a mighty white marble gate tower stood in front of him, and under the gate tower, the electric gate was closed tightly, and several security personnel stood on both sides as if standing guard.

The leading car stopped in front of the gate, and then the convoy stopped one after another.

A security guard walked up to Orrin’s car from the front. Orrin put down half of the window. The other side respectfully said, “Mr. Sun, please ask the bodyguard to park the car in the parking lot nearby. There are too many cars for fear of disturbing the ancestors of the Wade family. You can go in the car with your wife and young lady.”

Orrin nodded and said to the assistant on the co-pilot: “Go and coordinate and let them wait for me in the parking lot.”

The assistant hurriedly asked: “Chairman, what about your safety issues…”

Orrin said earnestly: “This is the site of the Wade Family, and there is absolutely no possibility of safety issues.”

The security guard outside the car bowed respectfully: “Thank you Mr. Sun for your affirmation.”

Afterwards, while the assistant pushed the door to get out of the car, he opened his mouth and said to Charlie sitting in the cab: “Master driver, after going into the mountain, please don’t honk the whistle or accelerate quickly, and keep the engine speed as low as possible. Below two thousand five hundred revolutions, so as not to make too much movement and disturb the quiet.”

Charlie nodded.

Naturally, the mausoleum should be as quiet as possible, not only can it not sound the horn, nor make noise.

Moreover, the sound of a car engine is the greater the speed, the greater the noise.


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