The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1564

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1564 – However, looking after Orrin’s radiant face does not seem to be terminally ill. Is there really any medical miracle that can’t be achieved?

At this moment, Orrin continued: “The second question, if you don’t believe that my body has fully recovered, then after the press conference, I will go to Fairview Hospital for a full-body CT scan, and the result of the scan is I would like to announce it to all media and the general public.”

With Orrin’s words, everyone is not suspicious of his condition.

Because a whole body CT scan can find any kind of tumor, even very early stage carcinoma in situ, it can be found well.

If Orrin did not recover, he would definitely not dare to accept such an examination.

Everyone couldn’t help but marvel. I didn’t expect that even pancreatic c****r, a super terminal illness, could be born with such a miracle, which reminds people of the genius Jobs who died young a few years ago.

It’s the same disease, why didn’t Jobs have such luck?

If Jobs is still alive, maybe he can bring more innovation and change to mankind.

Then, Orrin said: “The third question, I think everyone is very concerned about the arrangement of the chairman of the Sun Group. I now officially announce that I, Orrin, and the other two shareholders of the Sun Group, Hank and Carl, A few minutes ago, a voting rights transfer agreement was signed. Shareholders Hank and Carl have permanently transferred all the voting rights corresponding to their personal shares to me!”

When everyone heard this, they were even more stunned!

They had already inquired about the discord between the Sun family brothers from everywhere.

I know that Hank and Carl have been forming an alliance to deal with their elder brother, and they are also uniting with other shareholders to deal with their elder brother.

Everyone was still waiting to see a big family fight, but they didn’t expect the three brothers to reach such a brotherly agreement.

Hank and Carl permanently transfer their voting rights to their eldest brother Orrin. Doesn’t this mean that you will always obey Orrin?

What about the brothers competing?

What about the good legacy war?

The reporters present all felt extremely depressed.

It’s like everyone has bought melon seeds and drinks, sitting in front of the TV and preparing to watch an Opera.

As a result, after turning on the TV, I found that all the empresses, concubines, and nobles in the harem were all clustered around the queen. Everyone had one mind with the queen. Everything was seen by the queen, and the whole harem was in harmony.

How can there be any fights? What’s the life and d***h? How can there be any m****r? As the party concerned, it is naturally the most cost-effective solution to make concerted efforts and turn fighting into jade. But as an audience, this kind of scene is boring to the extreme.

It can even be said to be very disappointing.

Orrin glanced over the eyes and expressions of all reporters. He smiled lightly and said into the microphone: “From today onwards, the three Sun family brothers of the Sun family will work together to bring the Sun family into a new glory. As the so-called brothers work together, and their profit cuts gold, we also believe that with our joint efforts, the Sun Group will surely return all stockholders and investors with better performance and higher market value.”

After he finished speaking, he jokes and talks a little bit: “However, please allow me to say sorry to everyone here. I was disappointed for not letting you see a big family fight!”

As soon as these words came out, the reporters on the scene blushed, but at this moment the share prices of all listed companies under the Sun Group began to soar like a dragon!


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