The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1562

Read The Amazing Son in Law by Lord Leaf Chapter 1562 – When Charlie sat down in the auditorium, the entire release hall was already overcrowded.

The major media have sent reporters one after another, with long guns and short cannons here, waiting for the Sun Group to release important news.

At this moment, the outside world does not know the news of Orrin’s recovery.

Everyone thought that Orrin was already d***g and that he might not be able to join the board of directors today.

However, they expect Orrin to appear.

Because, as media people, they like to catch some topics that can arouse attention.

So they hope that they can capture the image of Orrin’s late hero and add some sensational text at that time. This is a proper headline news.

Some people have even thought about the headline of the news.

For example, “The End of an Era”, or “Orrin Sun is old, can the new chairman of the Sun Group turn the tide”.

Now they are only waiting for Orrin, who is dyingly ill, to stagger in from the conference hall, even being pushed in a wheelchair.

At this moment, the on-site staff picked up the microphone and said: “Please be quiet, everyone present, our chairman will be there soon!”

As soon as this word came out, everyone turned their attention to the entrance of the venue.

The camera and camera have already found the angle, and put the entire entrance into the viewfinder frame.

Everyone was waiting for the moment the door opened and Orrin showed up.

At this moment, the door was pushed open from the outside in.

The first step forward was Orrin’s secretary.

The second step forward was Carl.

The third one is Hank.

The moment I saw Hank, the shutter sound on the scene had begun to intensively.

Because everyone knows that he is the second child of the Sun family, and is also the chairman of the Sun Group, and he is the unyielding successor.

Orrin is critically ill. He is the new chairman of a trillion business empire from Orrin.

However, no one thought that behind Hank, he did not see Orrin’s shadow, but saw a middle-aged man who was nearly ten years younger than Hank, with a red face, tall and strong.

The media present could not help but exclaimed: “Who is this person? Why haven’t I seen it before?”

No wonder they couldn’t help Orrin all of a sudden.

In recent years, Orrin’s image in front of the media has grown older.

Moreover, after Orrin became seriously ill, some media secretly took pictures of him in overseas hospitals. He was indeed very haggard. At the age of fifty, he seemed to be at least sixty.

Therefore, when I suddenly saw Orrin, who looked like 40 years old, no one could adapt to this violent contrast. Moreover, the media reporters were not relatives around him and couldn’t recognize him at once. It was normal.

When Orrin walked in, some of the media reporters exclaimed: “I’ll go! The last one is Orrin, Chairman Sun!”

After he exclaimed, someone immediately questioned: “B******t! Orrin is almost d**d, okay? The last person looks like he’s forty years old. Can he be alone?”

The reporter resolutely said: “Ten years ago, I interviewed Chairman Sun, and he was what he is now! His appearance, demeanor, and demeanor are all right in memory!”


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